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Land Abandonment of Lands Subjected to Discussion

The issue of leaving the public free of charge in exchange for granting citizens the right to reconstruct the lands owned by citizens on the light rail route, which was realized by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and passed through Atakum district, was a subject of discussion in the city council.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council, the second joint commission meeting of June was held under the chairmanship of AK Party Council Member Turan Çakır. The meeting was first discussed the zoning plan proposal regarding the height of the residences determined in the logistics village area to be established in the town of Aşağıçinik in the Tekkeköy district of Samsun. Tekkeköy Mayor Hayati Tekin reacted to the change of the zoning plan, which limits the right to construction to 3 times. Tekin said, “The logistic village project to be established has been imposed by European Union standards and due to the fact that credit will be used within this scope. I am not against the logistics area, I am against the zoning plan and the way it is implemented. A residential area was placed in the commercial area within the logistics village to meet the need for housing. Regarding the height of the residences, the village has been settled for 100 years and has a 3-fold limitation by considering the zoning plans. This is my objection. ” said. Upon the response of President Tekin, the height restriction in the residential area determined within the logistic village area was increased to 4 floors and decided.


Later on the meeting, the proposal for the right of construction, which will be obtained in return for free leave of the land owned by the citizen on the light rail route passing through Atakum district, was discussed. Speaking about the proposal, MHP Council Member Cemalettin Kola said, “If the lands on the rail system route were expropriated before the project was implemented, Atakum's city integrity would not be spoiled. We are experiencing a process caused by a mistake made from the beginning. ” spoke in the form.

AK Party Council Member Turan Çakır stated that the realization of the expropriation price and the rail system project will cause high costs and noted that the project is one of the important works brought to Samsun in the recent period.

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