Strikes in France Negatively Affect Rail Transport

Strikes in France Negatively Affected Rail Transport: Railway workers, the country's most important transport network, also joined the strike initiated by French civil aviation workers. Strikes paralyzed transport across France.

Railway workers, the most important transportation network of the country, joined the strike launched by French civil aviation workers. Strikes paralyzed transportation across France.

CGT, CFDT, Unsa, SUD-ray, FP, FiRST, CFE-CGC and CFTC, organized in the transport sector, decided to quit working hours from 19.00 to 08.00 on wednesday took.

The most affected company was the operator of the TGV high-speed train. Only four out of ten were made.

Nearly half of the regular trips to the east, southeast, Atlantic and north directions have been carried out, the National Railway Company (SNCF) said. In the meantime, Eurostar departing from London, Thalys to Brussels and Amsterdam, and ALLEO trains that make their Germany trip continue their flights, albeit with delay.

Suburban flights have also decreased significantly.

More than one thousand 150 employees in the transportation sector are involved in the strike. 69 XNUMX with the participation of trainers said the most.

In the meantime, due to the strike of civil aviation sector employees scheduled for the 7500 1900 scheduled flight scheduled yesterday was canceled.

The decision to strike by the Autonomous Union of Air Transport Controllers (SNCTA) was supported by other trade unions yesterday. The strike in the aviation sector had a negative impact on the 11 European country.

Source: Haberciniz

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