'Come by train' to Expo 2016 Antalya

Burdur Chamber of Commerce and Industry opened a stand in Cumhuriyet Square and collected signatures from citizens to pass the High Speed ​​Train line from Istanbul to Antalya through Burdur. It is stated that the railway line and high-speed train application that will extend to Burdur should pass through Burdur, and the line to be passed through Burdur will be more useful and efficient. On the stand, the phrase "Bride to attend Antalya Expo2016 fair with high speed train signature campaign" is displayed.

It has been announced that the project, which will connect Antalya to Istanbul and even to Izmir, has been completed a while ago. It was stated that the Istanbul-Ankara line will be used jointly to Eskişehir in the project, and the project of the Eskişehir-Antalya line has been completed within the scope of the high-speed train to be built between Istanbul-Ankara-Antalya.

In the same statement, it was stated that the studies and feasibility studies related to the high-speed train line were carried out, the route was determined, the environmental impact assessment report was completed, and the project will be sent to the municipalities authorized to make the zoning plan on the route and the battle will be started to be included in the zoning plans. It was previously announced that the line that will extend from Eskişehir-Afyon-Burdur and Bucak to Antalya will be 423 km in total, this line will also be carried out with passenger transportation, freight transportation will also be carried out, the high-speed train line will be high-standard, double-line electrical signal.


Source: The Burdurgazete



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