Towards the End of Antakya Cable Car Project

Towards the End of the Antakya Cable Car Project: The cable car project between Habibi Neccar Mountain and the Yarn Market, which is planned for the development of tourism in Antakya, which is the cradle of CIVILIZATIONS, will be completed and put into service in June.

Antioch Mayor Lütfü War, about 7 million pounds 14 months ago construction of the cable car started to build 1150 meters long, 6 minutes as output and the same time as the landing project, he said. The cable car with the capacity of carrying 1200 per hour will play an important role in the tour of the tourists coming to Antakya. In addition to the ropeway system, there are views of the mountain terraces, urban forest and wild coffee. Thanks to the ropeway, it was difficult to reach Seleucus, the commander of Alexander the Great. The 300 bin 23 built in 600 will make it easier to see the remaining parts of the walls.


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