The most environmentally friendly airport in Antalya

The most environmentally friendly airport in Antalya
ICF Airports Antalya Airport, which was selected as the "Best in Europe" in the "2011-10 million passengers" category by the European Airports Association (ACI Europe) in 25, reached the "optimization" level, which is the third stage of the "Carbon Accreditation" program, for the second time. ICF Airports reaching this level as well as the distinction of being the only airport in Turkey, it represents Turkey as one of the 12 airports in Europe.

Since 2009, ICF Airports Antalya Airport has continued its efforts to reduce carbon emissions within the scope of the European Airports Association project. In 2010, ”Mapping“ Level 1 has reached the proj Reduction, Level 2011 and 2 ı Optimization çalış Level 2012. ICF Airports continued its success in 3 and renewed its Level 2013. Some of the airports that are accredited at this level of European passenger traffic with 3% are Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, Zurich, Geneva, Manchester, Rome, Heatrow, Brussels, Charles de Gaulle and Orly.

In addition to reducing CO2011 emissions from its activities since 2, ICF Airports Antalya Airport has also been cooperating with partners to reduce CO2 emissions. 2012 in 3. With the acquisition of the level carbon accreditation, ICF Airports Antalya Airport aims to reduce the CO2 emission from its business partners by reducing the 10 bin t CO2.

ICF Airports Antalya Airport, CO2 emission per capita due to its activities as a result of widespread awareness training, as well as energy saving measures, system improvements, energy and fuel consumption measures, system improvements, reduction of energy and fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. 0,799 kgCO0,786 from 2. In addition to this success, the aircraft engine silenced and 400Hz energy use promoted by 3.On the end of the year, CO2 emission reduction caused by 10,097 has been realized as high as 2 t COXNUMX.

ICF Airports Antalya Airport, which has four different TSE certificates in Occupational Health and Safety, Quality, Environment and Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Management fields with its sustainable environmental strategy and integrated management systems policies, increases to this level and represents the Turkish aviation industry in Europe.

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