EGO management; Bus, Metro and Ankaray exhibited Forgotten Items

EGO management; Buses, Metro and Ankaray'da exhibited Forgotten Things: Ankara, public transport vehicles forgotten, those who see 'no more' said. The forgotten things include books, wallets, watches, glasses, notebooks, dental prostheses and even a chandelier.


EGO General Directorate of the public transport business in Ankara, the left-luggage office surprised the guests.

EGO management; Bus, metro and exhibited forgotten items in Ankaray.

The forgotten items on the buses are brought to the lost goods center. They will then be posted on the website and returned to their owners. There are among those who are forgotten, the ones who see the “no longer ö kind of var

The chandelier and dental prosthesis are just a few of them.

Forgotten items, if the owners do not leave 1 year waiting, again if the owner does not exit the auction is sold with an auction.

Source: News 10

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