Gaziantep 3. Phase Ibrahim tram line works are under construction

Gaziantep 3. Phase Ibrahim tram line works are under construction

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which has made great efforts to minimize the transportation problem, which is among the most important problems of Gaziantep, tries to answer this problem with the tram line consisting of 3 stages, 12 crossroads, 96 new environmentalist buses and alternative roads.

The municipality, which solves the problems with the Köprülü intersection, especially at the intersections of the city where traffic is intense, while finding solutions to public transportation with more modern and economical tram lines, as well as bringing environmentally friendly transportation systems to Gaziantep.

In the 2012 62 497 thousand plying tram ride 12 915 884 million people moved by 703 391 thousand kilometers in this time. Zodiac Junction X After the tram line of the station, the University sonra Karataş line, the Metropolitan Municipality 3. The construction of the Etap Ibrahim tram line continues rapidly.

Stating that relieving the traffic with crossroads, roads and pavements cannot be a very permanent solution, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Asım Güzelbey said, “The issue does not end with this. The more roads you expand, the more vehicles the number increases. The important thing is to be able to transport people by public transport. Directing people to public transport. So if we can leave our car in our garage and go to work by public transport in the morning, then we have become a metropolitan city. But if a person goes to work alone with his vehicle, it means there is a traffic problem. Because the roads are narrow and there is a parking problem at work. Gasoline is expensive and there is an environmental pollution caused by fuel. You always have to take these into consideration. If a person causes all this, then it cannot be said that we add a lot to our quality of life in the metropolitan area. ” he spoke.

Explaining that they have made great efforts to popularize the tram line, which is a public transportation vehicle for this purpose, Güzelbey said, “They bought new buses for the bus line in order to increase the quality of public transportation in the city, and made transportation enjoyable for the people of Gaziantep by using joint applications with the authorities of the vehicles serving in the city. he said they would bring.

After the completion of the Ibrahim line, a total of 30 miles of rail system will reach the line explaining the President Güzelbey, this line is not enough, but the system compared to the other large city is not a significant level, he said.

Güzelbey reminded that their goal is to connect the organized industrial zone and GATEM, and noted that they will have a 55-kilometer rail system line in total with the joint Suburban Line Project to be realized with the State Railways.

World city that there were a total of 120 kilometers of tram line in Istanbul, themselves in the 55-kilometer even reach of emphasizing that it is a great example of success Guzelbey, moreover, it makes with domestic capital and entrepreneurs in Turkey announced only municipality they are.

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