Xanthus bridge to Bostanli and Cigli streams

Xanthus bridge to Bostanli and Cigli streams
IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality made a tender for the construction of 6 highway bridge in order to provide uninterrupted and convenient transportation on Bostanli and Cigli rivers.

During the construction of the highway bridges that will be completed in total 150 days after the finalization of the tender and the delivery of the place, it was announced that some parts of the stream beds will be expanded by making them suitable for the zoning plan.
. Within the scope of this project, the Metropolitan Municipality will construct a 8022-lane bridge with a total of 1 meters long, 2 meters wide, 17.5 departures-17 arrivals next to the existing 2-lane bridge in the 2/4 Street section of Çiğli Creek. Traffic congestion in the region where IZBAN Çiğli Station and the transfer center is located will be relieved thanks to the new bridge. In the part of Bostanlı Creek between Gün Sazak Boulevard and İZBAN line, 5 highway bridges will be created. Two lane bridges with a length of 30 meters and a length of 15 meters in Yusuf Nalkesen Street section of Bostanlı Creek, again with Yusuf Nalkesen Street and 2

142 street intersection 16.5 meters long 10 meters wide round trip with 2 lanes, İZBAN line land side 1671 10 meters wide on the street, 19.5 meters long 2 lane bridge, again on the sea side of İZBAN line 1671 meters wide 12 meters long 24 lanes on 2 street 6153 meters long 6154 meters wide road bridge will be constructed on the part of Gün Sazak Boulevard between 23 Sokak and 12.5 Sokak.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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