Adaray Begins Paid Flights

Adaray starts its scheduled flights: Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality City Rail System (ADARAY), 17 will begin regular flights from Monday to June. In ADARAY Metropolitan Municipality Smart Card Application (Card 54) will be valid.

The City Rail System (ADARAY), launched by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality between Adapazarı and Arifiye, starts its regular flights on Monday, June. 17 ADARAY organizes free flights from May, and the Metropolitan Municipality Smart Card Application (Card 27) will be valid. ADARAY full travel fee was determined as the short distance fee of the Metropolitan Municipality buses, 54 TL. In ADARAY, the student will be entitled to a free transfer applied to the sectors specified in the regulations on travel and discount cards applicable to 1.25 older people with disabilities up to and including 69.

In ADARAY only Card 54 and single-use magnetic tickets will be used. For seamless travel Card 54 or magnetic tickets need to be provided or filled in advance. After the ADARAY trip, citizens can use the buses which are controlled by the Metropolitan Municipality of Sakarya within one hour or by the Metropolitan Municipality, Yenikent, Erenler, Campus, Kazımpaşa etc. will be able to benefit from discounted lines to points.

Source: News FX

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