Architect İbrahim Çeçen, the architect of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

Architect İbrahim Çeçen, the architect of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge
Tender for the 3rd bridge, one of the most important projects of Turkey and Istanbul kazanİbrahim Çeçen, a businessman from Ağrı, made statements.
Turkey's poorest cities in pain arising from Chechen businessman Ibrahim, 44 years ago if the government had not left the officer resign and would today be a citizen trying to proceed with scarce conviction is likely to pensions.

However, he is excited to realize his third bridge project, which he said “I couldn't even imagine”. Because Chechen come from Turkey's most disadvantaged regions, print the symbol of wealth and luxury in the center was a project name in Istanbul. IC Holding Board Chairman İbrahim Çeçen stated that he came as the 3th child of a family dealing with commerce. This result is perhaps luck, maybe destiny, but I worked hard too. ” Chechen received the material and moral value of his hard work. Because of his Forbes 5 Richest Turks of Turkey's. Today, the projects carried out at home and abroad amount to $ 100 billion.


Çeçen, who is excited to sign the heart of Istanbul, is actually a name known as "tender master" in the contracting sector. He has hit the rope with successful strategies in all the tenders he has entered so far. In Turkey, many schools, hospitals, airports, roads, bridges and ports made. Stating that all of these are a great happiness for him, Çeçen summarizes the importance of the third bridge with these words: “This investment made my spiritual side very happy. I had heard the same pleasure when setting up a university in Ağrı. Now there are 3 thousand students studying. The bridge is a great event for me. It took us to the highest level in engineering and career. Allah gave this to me. We will do this with great pleasure and pleasure. We will deliver on time and serve the country in a quality way. ”


Chechen, the process for the solution of Kurdish problem "is Turkey's most important project," assesses the words. Saying that he supports the process wholeheartedly as a businessman of Kurdish origin, Çeçen said, “We have lost a serious blood in 30 years. Many people died, great troubles were suffered, and they were displaced from their villages. They flocked to the big cities and they were unhappy there. We experienced huge losses economically. Private sector investment in the region has not gone. There is a festive mood right now. People feast. We can also invest in the region. ”

We are not a luxury family

Chechen one of Turkey's richest businessmen, "20 years ago, I was riding a Mercedes now. I didn't buy Bentley or Rolls Royce. If wealth is a car-plane, I have a plane. I am curious about the clock and pen. "I love the Piaget brand watches," he says. Çeçen, who has 4 boys, tells whether they are curious about luxury or not: “My children escape from luxury or even embarrassed. There is no culture in our family based on comfort, luxury and showiness. I raised my children with Anatolian culture, they all received good education.

5-key to success

  1. Love your job, fall in love.
  2. Spend all the effort required by the job.
  3. Make sure people you work with trust you. See their good side.
  4. Consider time well.
  5. Follow the work you do very well. After him, fate, fortune and luck.

I was not defeated at the airport

Chechen is experiencing the agony of missing the 3rd airport tender. Chechen said, “I do not accept myself defeated there. We drew. If it was up to me I would have given more. Our partner has approval processes, they need to get permission. I think our competitors would not exceed 18 billion euros. If it were closed envelope, we would definitely buy it. But whenever they have a hard time and say come, I give support. ”

7 Bank funded the project

İbrahim Çeçen said there will be no financing problems in the project, which will cost a total of 4.5 billion TL. Stating that they have signed a loan agreement with seven Turkish banks such as Akbank, Garanti, İş, Yapı Kredi, Ziraat, Halkbank and Vakıfbank, Çeçen said that the 9-year loan will be with progress payments.

The name of the bridge is YSS

Çeçen also made the following assessment regarding the name Yavuz Sultan Selim, which caused controversy in the public game: “We have no right to name, so I never thought of a name. I can't comment on this. I do not know if Yavuz Sultan Selim did the Alevi massacre as described. While doing the Çaldıran Campaign, it is said that there are such incidents. I know it is the first caliph. Anyway, people will say there is a third bridge or shortened and called YSS. One should not engage in discussions that will lead to polarization.

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