The only sound for the fast train to the Western Mediterranean was

The only sound for the fast train to the Western Mediterranean was
Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) with the Antalya Commodity Exchange (ATB) Burdur and Isparta to visit the common point of the train was a high speed. ATSO and the members of the board of directors of the ATB and the presidency of the parliament were united in the idea that the region's economic, social and cultural aspects could not be considered independently from the governorships of the two cities, and visits to the chambers of commerce and industry. ATSO'nın launched the 'Fast Train Signature Campaign' came from the support of businessmen from Burdur and Isparta. The largest roof organizations of the three provinces have joined forces for the fast train.

Burdur Governor Nurettin Yilmaz, the meaning of the territorial borders remain, Antalya, Burdur and Isparta is a single city, he said. Antalya, Burdur close to the population of Burdurlu pointed out that living in the Governor Yilmaz, "Therefore I do not discriminate between cities." He said. Another address that the delegation visited was the Burdur Commodity Exchange. Isparta Governor Memduh Oguz said “I saw this from this visit. There is an intention to be able to open our arms wider, and to get together. Kol

The delegation from Antalya also met with representatives of both cities' business community. Burdur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO) Yusuf Keyik, who came to Antalya last week and supported ATSO's high-speed train campaign, said, asına We are always together in regional steps. Geçen Upon the call of Keyik, Burdur TSO Parliament Speaker and members of the Assembly supported the high-speed train campaign with their signatures. President of Isparta Chamber of Commerce and Industry Şükrü Başdeğirmen also said that the visit gave them strength. Isparta TSO and stock market leaders also supported the rapid train campaign.

ATSO President Cetin Osman Budak, in his speeches during the visits in Antalya, Burdur and the transportation network of Isparta Anatolia 'must be strengthened' stressed. Budak and Isparta businessmen who want to support the signature campaign launched by ATSO Budak, Antalya's fast train network connecting the rich Mediterranean, the West would come to the Mediterranean, said: tı The most important problem of the region transportation. The transportation infrastructure of the region, including Antalya's transportation, needs to be strengthened. Western Mediterranean Region writes success story in Turkey, but large transport problem. Rail transport 100 is an annual dream. Why do we want the high-speed train? In Antalya only six months of the year used 550 thousand tourist beds. If the high-speed train arrives, we can attract the wealth of Anatolia. The high-speed train enriches the area. Together, if we express this request loudly, we can make the national public opinion and Prime Minister enter the agenda. Hep

Antalya Mercantile Exchange and Western Mediterranean Economy Development Foundation Chairman Ali Çandır stated that the economies of the three cities would be strengthened by acting together and stated that inin the railway should be performed together as a region and a good public opinion should be created Antalya.

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