billions of dollars of projects in recent cases in Turkey

billions of dollars of projects in recent cases in Turkey
2013 is considered to be a turning point in transportation due to the new giant investments.

  1. 6 3 XNUMX billion dollars. The foundation of the bridge was laid. Marmaray project will begin driving test next month. Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train project is coming to an end.

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The Ministry of Transport describes it as a turning point in the delivery of 2013, since many large projects will be put into service and the new giant investments will start. 150 3 with million passenger capacity. 6 3 29 billion dollars. The foundation of the bridge was laid. Marmaray, XNUMX will unite two continents in October.

The Marmaray project, which will unite both sides of Istanbul under the sea, will start test drives next month. The 9 billion-dollar project continues the architectural and electro-mechanical works while the rough construction is completed. Rail assemblies that will connect the two continents were made. Test drives will begin next month. You can travel with a ticket in Marmaray. The Marmaray Project 76.6, which is an kilometer in length, consists of 4 contracts (Consultancy Services, Bosphorus Crossing-BC1, Improvement of Commuter Lines-CR3 and Rail Vehicle Production-CR2). 29 October 2013 is planned to open an 13.6 km-long Bosphorus Transition Section and an 20 long-distance passenger / freight train line between Gebze and Pendik.

Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Konya high-speed train projects, followed by the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train project. Within the scope of the project, the 30 kilometer tunnel and the viaducts over the 10 are completed, while the ballast construction, traversing and rail laying operations continue. Within the framework of the project in the infrastructure 95 35, 2 600 level within the framework of the project and a thousand thousand 533 people are working in the framework of the project. The project also carries out a separate work from Köseköy to Sapanca and to İzmit. The Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railway with an 29 kilometer will be ready for service in the coming days and test runs will begin. The opening of the line will be held in October with the Marmaray Project.

12 billion dollars on the fast train

When the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line is completed, uninterrupted passenger and cargo transport will be carried out in Europe as integrated with Marmaray in Gebze. With the completion of the 533 km Ankara-Istanbul YHT project, it is calculated that the share of rail passenger with 10 will increase to 78.

2023 will spend 2 billion dollars on 197 xNUMX including 74 unit speed train set, which will make 12 km high-speed train line until 40. With the completion of Istanbul high speed train lines, 1 million passengers will be transported annually. The annual income will be 650 billion 403 million dollars. 250 million dollars of profit will be earned annually. Ankara-Istanbul between the two-line, electric, signaled XNUMX speed of the speed of the construction of the fast rail will be created fast and secure transportation.

A budget of $ 2023 was allocated for projects until 45. Within the scope of the aforementioned projects, it is aimed to reduce the transportation time of Ankara-Istanbul to the 3 hour and then to the 1 hour. If the studies with the Chinese government results, it is planned to be reduced to 1 hours between Ankara and Istanbul via speed rail.

Metros will end the year

The long-waiting Ankara subway waiting for the Ankara subway 15 bin 360 m length Kızılay-Çayyolu and 16 bin 590 m long Batıkent-Sincan line will be opened at the end of this year. A total of 1 million 188 thousand passengers will be transported per day in all subways, including 3 million 564 passenger transport per day. Ankara metros are expected to cost 3 billion 40 million pounds with updated prices. Projects will be completed by the end of the year in order to connect the metro line to Esenboğa Airport in Ankara.

  1. bridge work speeded up

3 to the Bosphorus. The work for the bridge is in full swing. The base of the 4,5 billion-pound giant bridge was laid in May, while the 29 spot was drilled to determine the points on the bridge and retaining walls. After examining the ground samples, all points were found to be suitable for sewing the bridge feet. The third bridge to be installed in the Bosphorus, which is planned to be completed in 48, will be integrated with the North Marmara Motorway and will be able to pass the Garipçe-Poyrazköy line. Together with the bridge, the connection between the bridge and the 2015 kilometer road on the European and Asian sides of the bridge will be made by İçtaş-Astaldi partnership with the elik build-operate-transfer toplam method. The rest of the roads will be completed simultaneously with the state's own budget and facilities. The project will have a total length of 60 kilometers with connection ways.

Gulf crossing 6 minutes

The most important part of the Gebze-Izmir Highway Project, which will connect Izmir to Istanbul, is the İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge. The Japanese IHI, which will build the Gulf Crossing Bridge, which will be the second longest bridge in the world when it is completed, was also the construction of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and the Golden Horn Bridge. With the project 377 mile highway and 44 mileage link road, 30 viaduct, 4 tunnel, 209 bridge to be built. 3 mileage bridge will be found in the project, the road will shorten the 140 kilometers between Izmir-Istanbul to 3.54 hours, the Gulf passage will be reduced to 6 minutes. Fuel and maintenance expenses of vehicles will decrease by 870 million pounds. In the first half of 50, 2015 will be completed by 2016.

  1. airport construction is expected to start within a year

3 to be made in Istanbul. The construction of the airport is expected to start in the 1 year. With the start of first phase investments, an average of 80 thousand people will be employed annually during the construction period. With the launch of the airport, an annual average of 120 thousand people will be employed. The airport 380, which will be the world's largest aircraft, will be the world's fifth largest airport. The third airport will be opened in 77.

Candarli Port 15 will employ a thousand people

Making xnumx'unc the completion of the world's largest port, the largest port in Turkey will be completed within 10 Çandarli harbor infrastructure works and construction works are scheduled to begin at the top. The 2013 meter breakwater was built for Çandarlı Port, where physical realization was realized at a rate of 70. It is planned that the first ship will be berthed at this port, where ships above the 900 thousand tons can dock. The port, which is planned to provide employment to a thousand people, will bring 200 million pounds annually to Izmir.

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