Sanliurfa trolleybus project cost 35 million rubles

Sanliurfa trolleybus project cost 35 million rubles
The approximate cost of the trolleybus tender for Sanliurfa municipality in 2 in July is 30 million TL. Considering the construction works to be carried out along the route of 5 km troleybus, 35 is the giant budget of TL million.

Since the 8 metrobus is planned to operate on this line, the price of a metrobus with the first investment cost comes to 4.375.000 tl. The diesel-powered version of the 18-meter metrobus that is intended to be purchased with this tender can be bought at approx. 1.000.000 tl. TL is more expensive. In fact, this difference is due to the fact that metrobuses in the trolleybus system with the consumption of electricity up to% 3.375.000 's.

In fact trolley when the system is in Metrobus% 60 lara close to a company savings sağlasa the initial investment cost in taking into account 10 annual fuel cost installed on another meaning other than to pay in advance yet in Turkey next gelmemektedir.b the situation is not in a trolley bus example of the calculation of the actual cost. The information of the municipality about this system is based entirely on the information given by the vendor and it is obvious how much trust it will be.

It is obvious that the imported system will be a problem in terms of part costs and maintenance costs.


Turkey's largest public transport with a fleet IETT providing a mega city's transport such as Istanbul's this system that uses test which moreover until 1980 s and ortadadır.iett'n a T he abandoned this system 'side is the trolley bus. Although modernized, the size of the first cost of construction and alternative transportation types, such as natural gas (CNG) system buses are cheaper to come because of this system does not look hot. Natural gas and electric buses by diesel 40 's fuel savings of close to% XNUMX'lerin provides. In this case parts and maintenance costs are reduced.

As a result, as a result of laying of electrical wires and poles on roads, it is a system that does not have a flexible route since it is a system that narrows the roads and has a paved system in transportation planning. It is an expensive system as well as diesel buses.

Our contribution to the trolleybus debate will continue. It is clear that the municipality is willing to bring this tender to an end. We insist on this issue to keep the public on the agenda of the society. In the next article we will talk about how transportation experts look at this system.

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