President Mehmet Ali Çalkaya Balçova gave information about the cable car

President Mehmet Ali Çalkaya Balçova gave information about the cable car
This week's guest of the Aegean Assembly was Balçova Mayor Mehmet Ali Çalkaya. Talking about why the cable car has been closed for 4 years, President Çalkaya explained the EXPO process, the 'Garden of Religions' planned to be built and the situation of small tradesmen due to shopping malls. Speaking about the Cable Car, which is one of the distinguished places of İzmir and Balçova, which has been closed for 4 years, Mayor Çalkaya made statements about its closure: “When I was the president, Ahmet Piriştina wanted to hand over this ropeway to me. I said that if I bought this place, my budget would not be enough and I left it to the Metropolitan and it remained within the Metropolitan. As a result of researches made a few years ago, 30 years of metal here was tired. These need to be renewed. With the tender methods, the Metropolitan started to work, 3 tenders were made and all of them were cancelled. In the 4th tender, this tender kazanthe company took the GCC to court. The job was not the problem of Balçova or the Metropolitan. The upper court found the 1st tender correct. After 4 years, it turned out that the first tender was done correctly, but the public found us guilty. GCC canceled the tenders, but now the tender kazanThe foundation was laid 2 months ago with the company. The company will deliver it to us in 2014. The fact that the cable car did not open until this time is not our fault, it is the fault of KİK.

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