Kayseri wins a green field on the 15 football field with a tram line

Kayseri, tram line with 15 pitches to coincide won the green area: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality is not in Turkey, the rail line with a practice rarely is unique in the world çimlendirip çiçeklendirerek the city with this application 15 football fields in size has added green space.

When we say 'Green Line'; In Cyprus, the line separating the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus comes to mind. 'Green Road' is reminiscent of the 1999 great movie originally named The Green Mile. However, the names 'Green Line' or 'Green Road' will now remind the Rail System Line in Kayseri. The rail system built by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality has already begun to be called "YEŞİLRAY". Because Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, not only in Turkey, rarely is unique in the world has implemented a rail system. Now extending to 17,5 kilometers; however, a green area was created along the rail system line that will increase to 35 kilometers at the end of the year.


Although transportation is enjoyable on a green road, it is not that easy to realize. Being able to germinate on the rail system line requires a series of operations from the groundbreaking phase. First of all, irrigation, canal and drainage infrastructure, which are necessary for growing grass, are prepared. In order to prevent irrigation from damaging the system, sliding waterproofing is applied on the reinforced concrete slab. In addition, perforated drainage pipes are laid and connections are made to the drainage menholes, and after the perlite / pumice filling is completed, the soil is laid and the germination process is completed. All kinds of precautions are considered from the very beginning to prevent the metal materials used to be corroded. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality's passion for green thus allows tens of thousands of square meters for transportation to be covered with lush grass.


Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Arif Emecen said that they have created 17,5 thousand 107 square meters of green space along the existing 600 km rail system line. Emphasizing that they have taken the green area into consideration and made the rail system infrastructure accordingly, Arif Emecen noted that the line length will increase to 35 kilometers and the amount of green area will increase to 184 thousand square meters along with the İldem and university lines to be added to the existing line until the end of this year. Transportation Department Head Emecen reminded that Kayseray received the 'Environment Best Rail System' award from the International Public Transporters Association for this environmentally sensitive feature.


With the project implemented by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality on the rail system line, Kayseri has gained an additional green area of ​​107 thousand 600 square meters. Considering that the average football field is 7 thousand square meters, the green area on the rail system line corresponds to 15 football fields. By the end of the year, a new green area of ​​16 thousand square meters will emerge with the construction of a new 78 kilometer line on the Ildem-Beyazşehir and University-Talas routes. Thus, the green area, which will reach 184 thousand square meters, will be equivalent to 26 football fields.

Source: Facushaber

Günceleme: 27/11/2018 16:47

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