Description of AK Party Kütahya Deputy Kinaydan YHT

Description of AK Party Kütahya Deputy Kinaydan YHT
AK Party Kütahya Deputy Hasan Fehmi Kinay stated that the construction of the 140-kilometer line between Eskişehir-Kütahya-Afyonkarahisar could be sufficient to connect Istanbul to İzmir within the scope of the YHT Project.

Kinay, in his written statement, stated that TCDD brought the High Speed ​​Train to Kütahya and the establishment of TCDD's headquarters in the city in the negotiations of the State Economic Enterprises commission.

Kinay stated that the Eskişehir-Antalya YHT line, which is still in the project phase, will also pass through Kütahya.

“The same project will also connect Istanbul and Izmir. Within the scope of the YHT Project, the construction of a 140-kilometer line between Eskişehir-Kütahya-Afyonkarahisar is sufficient to connect Istanbul to İzmir. Within the scope of ongoing projects, Istanbul's YHT connection with Izmir will be one of the most important projects of our Republic's history. On the other hand, there are initiatives of the municipality to establish a logistics center in Kütahya Alayunt. These two projects are of great importance for the development of our city ”

In the case of these two projects, Kinay announced that the city would skip the era in terms of demyels and become a regional logistics center.

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