3. Crazy Project pointed to airport

  1. Crazy Project pointed to airport
    Limak Investment Chairman Ebru Özdemir, on the subject of where to get the 3rd airport materials, said “3. the government will show us where to buy this material to fill it at the airport. The channel will probably provide us with this filling material. ”
    In her speech at the Euromoney Eurasia Financial Forum, Ebru Özdemir said to the question “If Kanal Istanbul is a dream”, “I say that nothing is impossible in engineering. The third bridge will be built with a very different technique. It will be the widest bridge of this length, and both trains and cars will travel on the same platform. So the engineering technique will be very different. I hear that this is possible, according to very important international designers. 3. At the airport, the government will show us where to buy this material for filling. The channel will probably provide this filling material to us. Therefore, it is possible to make this channel according to the latest information, technically everything is possible in the world. China was considering a longer channel project from Kanal Istanbul. ”

Last few weeks, events in Turkey because many voicing their thoughts about having people's negative view Ozdemir, "10 years ago, international investors and institutions by posed problems, political instability, the project is not financing access and have experienced dramatic changes, such as tax rates. It was 2 jerky weeks, but many deals were still closed. In all this one month, $ 1 billion agreement has been completed. And of course, now you get 6,5-year loans instead of 1-year-1 week. Turkish business people are much more courageous now, they can take more risks. This is a matter of equity. ” Stating that liquidity exists for good sponsors and good projects, Özdemir stated that they easily financed all their projects and reached the final result in 10-3 months. Expressing that the terms of 4-2 years are not enough, Özdemir said, “It must be more than 3 years for a real project finance. Unfortunately, there is no Turkish Lira market for the long term. Maybe what we need to work on is financing opportunities in national currency. ”

"If you do not do the banks of a significant portion of capital locally, they found me from various sources" on the question Ozdemir, Turkish banks' liquidity is now very high, the market's 75 percent of more of Turkish banks by were checked and Turkey business world now other to be taken of finding other sources of funding Stating that it is a step, "When we are going to do bigger projects, we have to enter other markets and we will do it ..."

"What needs to be done to develop these projects?" Özdemir stated that everything is a partnership. “There is a state on the one hand and the private sector on the other. Each agreement has its own rules. What do banks look for, direct agreement, whether treasury guarantee is required or how payments will be made, all of these have to be arranged separately. These are actually very good if managed from a single central unit. It is also beneficial for the state. People working here will be able to discover errors much more easily, and errors will not be repeated in the future. ”

'We do not see the private sector competitors'

Undersecretary of Treasury İbrahim Çanakcı stated that the issuance of the lease certificate abroad gave them an important encouragement in terms of diversification of the investor base, and noted that they had sold 70 percent of the lease certificate they had exported to the investor base they had not been able to reach before. Çanakcı stated that they will issue domestic lease certificates again in August and said, “If the market conditions are suitable, we will also export foreign lease certificates. We are now designing the lease certificates as an integral part of the Treasury's financing program. ”

Explaining that they closely follow the issuance of the private sector from abroad, especially about the issuance of the private sector, Çanakcı said, "We are very pleased with the private sector's bond issuance from abroad, we definitely do not see them as the rival of the Treasury."

Yakup Ergincan, General Manager of Central Registry Agency (MKK), reminded that capital markets were not a critical market in the region in the past, and that they have been trying to be an important part of financial markets in recent years and invested in technology. noted that it should be done. Ergincan pointed out that financial awareness and financial education are very important in addition to maintaining new public offerings, and pointed out that there are many opportunities from 2023 until this year, and that there are opportunities to develop both the investor and the demand side of the capital markets.

Ergincan, continued:

“Without transparency, there is no investment, so all institutions related to this postrade and stock exchange should definitely encourage companies on this issue. It is also necessary to show the investor environment that it is as transparent as possible. We represent 22 million investors. Our portal is the most transparent portal in the world. In this framework, it is necessary to transfer all the information to the interested parties in the fastest way. This portal addresses issues that all investors consider. We hope that as corporate governance becomes more important, as transparency increases, our country will become a more developed country in the coming years. We are trying to do our best for this. ”

Yakup Ergincan emphasized that these types of projects increase the transparency of the markets by stating that they can hold general meetings of all companies listed in Istanbul via electronic media, that is, they can be connected to the general meeting from all over the world and watched live.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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