3. Financial financing of the bridge 7 bank

4.5 3 investment amount of 1 billion pounds. The financial financing of the bridge will be covered by the 7 bank.

İş Bank General Manager Adnan Bali, 4.5 3 billion liras for investment. the bridge could easily be financed.

Stating that the 4.5rd bridge with an investment amount of 3 billion lira can be financed easily, Bali said that the financing demand of İçtaş İnşaat Sanayi Ticaret AŞ-Astaldi Joint Venture Group, which won the tender, was 2.3 billion dollars from banks. Stating that İşbank, Garanti Bank, Akbank, Yapı Kredi Bank, 3 public banks Halkbank, Ziraat Bank and Vakıfbank are at the signing stage for the financing of the bridge, Bali said that this will be concluded in June. Bali noted that the loan to be provided will also be 9 years. The loan will be the highest amounted project Financing loan provided to a 'greenfield' project in one go in the history of the Republic.


What we did with İşbank General Manager Adnan Bali sohbetAs for the environmental debates for the 3rd bridge, Bali said that they already talked about the environment before funding. Bali “We want to protect the environment while protecting the environment (litigation and so on) on the other. The inspection company, which prepared the environmental report, wanted to see the spring months. In the first project, we said it would not be due to environmental conditions. They also revised the project. The latest information we have at the moment is that a report will be issued in which all environmental conditions requested by İşbank are met. Therefore, we also sign it. "


We asked Adnan Bali, "Are banks really environmentally friendly or do they care about the environment because the project will stop in the future?" Bali “İşbank is not 'Hilal-i Ahmer', we are not an environmentally friendly social institution. We want to do our job right. As İşbank, we do not engage in jobs that will damage our reputation because there is earning. We say 'It is not allowed' and we go. As İşbank, we have 2 million 205 trees. We have a forest the size of 1.500 decares, that is, 3 thousand football fields. " (Hilal-i Ahmer is the old name of Turkish Red Crescent.)

Source: Star Newspaper

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 18:31

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