IMM's 2023 Vision Award in Rail Systems

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IMM's 2023 Vision Award in Rail Systems
60 organized by the International Association of Public Transporters (UITP). At the UITP World Congress, the awards known as ”Oscars of Transport esinde were found. 40 has participated in 240 Project Transportation Awards Competition; Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was awarded with UM 2023 Vision in Rail Systems İstanbul. The success of Istanbul, which receives the world's most prestigious award in the urban transportation sector, has been registered at the global level.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality received “2023 Vision in Transportation Bel award. 26-30 2013 by the International Association of Public Transporters (UITP) held in Geneva, Switzerland on May 60. Dursun Balcıoğlu, Head of Rail Systems Department, received the award at the UITP World Congress.

UITP, which is closely following the developments in public transportation worldwide, announced that the ongoing projects in Istanbul and İBB gave awards to IMM in the Political Commitment category due to its 2023 vision in rail systems.

40 competed in 260 project from the country

The 40 project from the 260 country is the winner of this competition and it is noted that the award of Istanbul will be an advantage and reference for the eventual selection of Istanbul for the 2020 Olympics, which is a candidate for the cities of Tokyo and Madrid.

In the competition, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Transport, the Taiwan Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Gothenburg Transport Administration and the Rio de Janeiro State Transportation Administration received awards in the Political Commitment category.

Design, business model, customer service, integrated mobility and information technology, as well as six other categories of award-winning cities, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, London, including operators and operators of 20 members competed.

2023 Vision: 640 km rail network

In the 2004 - 2011 period, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality allocated more than half of its total investments (% 53). In the beginning of transportation investments are rail systems.

Thanks to these investments, 2004 45 km in Istanbul, which has a network of rail systems in the last eight years this number has increased by 128 102 km increased to.

Before 2004, street tram, light metro and Taksim-4 in the city. Levent subway was serving. There was also a 72 km suburban line. After 2004, 57.6 km long new rail systems became operational. Taksim-4.Levent Line was extended to be Taksim-Hacıosman. Topkapı-Sultançiftliği and Bağcılar-Zeytinburnu tram lines and Kadıköy-Kartal Metro Line is included in the system. Thus, IMM has been able to increase the share of the rail system in transportation from 2014% to 8% since 13. In addition, the construction of the 52.5 km metro line in Istanbul is ongoing. With the completion of investments currently underway, the share of rail systems in transportation will increase by 2014% in 31, while the share of the road will decrease to 66%.

2023 as the target of 640 year, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has a rail system network and the share of rail system in public transportation has increased to 72.7 and has set a target to reduce the share of rubber wheeled systems to 26.5.

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