2014 Budget of Trabzon-Erzincan Railway with 10 Percentage

Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TTSO) Chairman Mehmet Suat Hacısalihoğlu, without the project development and development is not possible, he said.

In his speech, Hacısalihoğlu, in his speech at the meeting of the chamber chaired by the President of the Assembly Ali Osman Ulusoy, informed that the strategic plan of the chamber is being prepared every 4 years. Asking the council members to contribute to the plan, Hacısalihoğlu said, “As you know, our chamber's work is renewed every 4 years within the framework of the strategic plan. We would like to receive your views and suggestions to the strategic plan in order to contribute to the new period. We expect you to contribute to the work we conduct in this context. " said.

Stating that there are 31 different occupational groups in the chamber and that they care about the opinions of the council members representing these occupations, Hacısalihoğlu noted that development and development is not possible without a project. Hacısalihoğlu said that they are planning to implement a study that includes investment proposals that can be made by each professional group regarding their own sectors. Hacısalihoğlu announced that 9 projects prepared by the chamber in the 5th call for Rural Development Supports have been accepted and are in the contract signing phase. Hacısalihoğlu stated that 5 percent of these projects, which have a total budget of around 50 million TL, are donated to chamber member businesses. kazanstated that he was smitten. Reminding that in addition to rural development, the Development Agency provided great support to the members of the chamber, Hacısalihoğlu stated that they will continue to provide this support from now on.


Speaking in the wishes and wishes section of the meeting, council member Ahmet Sarı emphasized that the railway is indispensable for Trabzon. Noting that the Trabzon-Erzincan Railway will connect the Black Sea Region to China and Europe, Sarı stated that the railway should be the subject that the TTSO council should work on most during this period. It envisaged in 2018 to make it a priority project of the railway argued that the government should be printed Yellow, "At least 2014 percent of these railway projects in Turkey in the 10 budget we have to diagnosis. The estimated budget is $ 7 billion. There is also the Gümüşhane road in it. There is in Giresun. The remaining amount is estimated at $ 5 billion. If we can put 10 percent of this in the 500 budget of 2014 million dollars, we will bring the project to the tender stage. " said.

Assembly member Ali Uzunalioğlu, with the petition he submitted to the Assembly Presidency Council, suggested that the 14th group professional committee work to eliminate the grievances caused by the differences in the classification of K1 and K3 documents used in transportation from companies.

Parliament Speaker Ulusoy, the proposal to be followed by the board of directors, the Ministry of transport to make initiatives.


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