1.Rayı System Technologies Workshop Has Started (Photo Gallery)

1.Rayı System Technologies Workshop Has Started
1.Rayli Sistem Teknolojileri Workshop, which was organized under the coordination of Statistical Economic and Social Research and Education Center (SESRIC) in Islamic Countries, started in 17 June 2013 in Eskişehir with the participation of member countries of Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC).

Hosted by MERTCe

Our Administration Eskisehir Middle East Railway Training Center (mertcan) 's hosted by his workshop, Algeria from OIC member countries, Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Indonesia, Jordan, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, attending a total 20 people from Yemen and Turkey.

Developing cooperation in the field of Rail Systems Technologies and ensuring the transfer of mutual experience and the 5 Day workshop program;

-TCDD and 2023 vision,

- Introducing their own railways and systems,

- Developments in vehicles and vehicles,

-Machinist cultivation process,

- Information about the introduction of various types of train simulators used in mechanic trainings

-Technical visit of infrastructure, superstructure and manufacturing areas of high speed train line construction,

-Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TULOMSAS) 's visit to,

-Signal systems, electrification, developments in telecommunications,

The introduction of the signaling and traffic control systems by -TÜBİTAK Turkey,

- Technical visits of High Speed ​​Train Command and Control Centers in Ankara,

covers topics.

Source: kurum.tcdd.gov.tr



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