Uncontrolled ropeways take lives in the Black Sea

Uncontrolled ropeways take lives in the Black Sea
Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Rize Province President Metin Bıçakçı said that the primitive ropeways used in the Black Sea Region, especially in Rize, Artvin, Trabzon and Giresun, continued to take their lives.

Bıçakçı said in a statement, especially in Rize, where the use of cable cars in heavy tea transport is used extensively, “However, due to incompliance with the standards and materials used due to the occasional miscellaneous accidents occur in the ropeways. This poses a danger to life and property safety. The narrow roads in some places also prevent access by car. This situation causes our people to use the primitive ropeway system in order to reach their homes. It is obvious that there is no standard on technical issues in manufacturing, assembling and use of telephones. People who use the ropeways on their routes, such as pedestrian roads, etc., should know that they may face danger at any time. Transport of people with this cable car is not an understandable behavior is transportable. Kurulan He said.

Bıçakçı, providing information about the cable car accidents in Rize and neighboring provinces in the recent years, said: tı 3 April 2006 One of the primitive ropeways trying to reach Ardeşen district of Rize 50 Hihni XIUM one-year-old falling from the height of the creek died. 24 Fikret Özdemir (2006) worked on the cable car when he repaired the cable car. In the meantime, the left hand fingers of Ozdemir'in cabinet was broken 3 of all. 25 May 2006, the town of Ardeşen Yamaçköyü'nın uninhibited operation of the ropeway engine as a result of Hanife Açıkmeşe's (27) left hand pinky finger was broken. 4 was injured in September 2006 and Emine Kahya (22) was wounded at a height of 10 meters. Guram Saginadze (25), a Georgian national who worked in a tea garden owned by Muhittin K in Hamzabey neighborhood of Rize, passed the cable car to the other side of the cable car and his ropeway broke. 10 9 September, 2007, Ramazan Özdemir daughter Azigül Demir had an accident while sending tea with the cable car. The neck was wrapped around the neck, causing neck injury and paralysis. 25 May 2008 Meltem Berber (12), sitting in the Gürsü village of the Fındıklı district, lost her balance as she tried to cross the river to the cable car and drowned as she fell from a height of about 3 into a creek. 1 2009 2 in the town of Trabzon, Çapıbaşı falling from the cable car rope with the falling wire XNUMX people were seriously injured. 22 November 2009 Gb (54), a woman working in the hazelnut orchard in Taflancık village of Çarşıbaşı, died after falling to the head of the supporting dock connected to the cable car wires installed for carrying cargo. 18 May In 2010, the woman, who was hit by the cable car in Akçaabat district of Trabzon, lost her life. 9 August 2011 On the opposite side of the garden where they gathered tea in Ardeşen district of Rize on the 200, the mother and daughter who want to return to their homes were stranded around the 4,5 hour at the height of XNUMX meters when the ropes of the cable car rode together. 6 A cable car accident happened in the same place a year ago and a young man of 11 had lost his life. 10 August 2011 Kaan Öztürk (15) was killed in the incident in Yokuşlu village of Kalkandere district of Rize. 21 April 2012 Ali Vapursu (46) trying to cross the cable car in the village of İyidere Kalecik in XNUMX, died on the Iyidere stream by falling down the platform. Her son, luckily, survived on the cable car. 14 June 2012'da Ardeşen district of Rize in order to transport wood 30 meter-length ropeway to the ramp to install the 70-year-old Cumali Babaoğlu, cable cab connected to the cabin as a result of the rupture of the cabin moving rapidly with the cabin. To avoid hitting the bottom of the cable car jumping from the cabin and cut the roots of the tree roots were broken when broken Babaoğlu`s neck was lost to the scene at the scene.11'de Derepazarı Erkan Mengen in town with his daughter named Gokce 2013 Gokce rode on the ropeway. The rope of the cable car with the rupture of his daughter by throwing it in the soil to get rid of the father himself without a brake and quickly died in the cable car crashed into the landing point as a result of internal bleeding. 21 May 2013 Şevket Uzun in Kalksuere district of Rize, on the other hand, lost his life to the ropeway as he tried to load tea to the ropeway vehicle.


Bıçakçı, the Black Sea Region, estimated that there are 15-20 thousand ropeway, they said, UM the Black Sea continues to take lifeboats. In addition to freight transportation, it is necessary to carry out the necessary studies for the standard transportation to the ropeways where the human transportation is done. Within the scope of this study, the electrical connection of the ropeways, which do not provide security for life and property, which threaten the health of human beings, should not be made and the ones that have been done should be disabled. Bu

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