Tüdemsaş Will Become Number One in Turkey

Burhanettin Chairman AK Party Sivas dry, giving important information about their and their respective studies, in recent days the public preoccupied TÜDEMSAŞ is not concerned the privatization and said TÜDEMSAŞ would be 1 number in Turkey.

Making striking statements about the privatization of Tüdemsaş, which is one of the issues that has been on the public agenda recently, Kuru said that Tüdemsaş is very important for Sivas and that Tüdemsaş will be number one in Turkey.

Kuru said, “TÜDEMSAŞ is very important for Sivas. Sivas is also a railway city. We have such a central location, as you know, in Sivas in the 4th Region. With the production of wagons, Sivas has been a center throughout the history of the Republic. However, recently, TÜDEMSAŞ has started to become an organization that has lost its competitive power step by step. Of course, work on this continues. As a result of the meetings we held with our Minister, our deputies, the staff responsible for this work and bureaucrats, we discussed what we can do to raise TÜDEMSAŞ. There is absolutely no question of privatization of TÜDEMSAŞ. The relocation of TÜDEMSAŞ from Sivas is out of the question. There is no question of changing the location of TÜDEMSAŞ. We are trying to make TÜDEMSAŞ a competitive institution in its field by further developing it. In this way, we want to increase employment here. TÜDEMSAŞ will continue to live by being enlarged in its current location and by renewing its technology. Employment will certainly be increased as well, so we are recruiting about 108 permanent staff in a month or two. There will also be new purchases at the end of the year. I hope the production of wagons will reach 1000 this year, and we hope to increase the annual production to 4-5 thousand as of next year, the work on this continues. Until now, there is an annual production of 400-500 wagons. We will keep TÜDEMSAŞ alive by growing.

I also want to point out that; Our esteemed minister, our deputies and we have not made any statements to date regarding the acquisition of TÜDEMSAŞ to the defense industry or its production for the Defense Industry. These have been spoken or written entirely against our will. We are working on TÜDEMSAŞ seriously. You will see this over time, our explanation is not correct at the moment. However, it is the work done on the manufacturing of wagons in its field of specialization. We will make TÜDEMSAŞ number one in Turkey,” he said.

Günceleme: 29/03/2023 08:19

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