Trabzona Railway Investment to be made but time is not clear

Trabzona Railway Investment to be made but time is not clear
Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Yahya Baş said that their goal is to download the train to Trabzon, but it is not clear when and how this will be done.

Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) The head of the Black Sea's largest handicab is that the sea cannot be used at the desired level. 'Logistics centers are useful works everywhere. But these must of course be on a network that includes land, sea and even rail systems. Between Trabzon and Rize these two (land, sea) network is available. Trabzon Airport is also available on request. Now the third network is needed. I hope that as soon as possible to work on the rail systems to reach the place where this logistics center is to provide. We provide integration at the transportation point. If you already have such integration, the establishment of logistics centers will be imperative. This will not only send out the product itself, but also act as a transfer station. Using the land, sea and rail system together will probably be an opportunity for transporting ships which are much cheaper. The biggest handicap of the Black Sea is not using the sea at the desired level. Despite the large coastline, we cannot use this coastline as much as necessary. With the construction of the logistics center, we will open the way for this. Lojistik


Emphasizing that the Black Sea coasts will be much more active in the near future, Baş said, “We talked about three important land, sea and rail system axes. In addition to these, there is air transport. This is already available. Our roads in the north-south direction are not as convenient as our roads in the east-west direction. I am not saying this only for the Black Sea. Turkey is the case in general. When you put the map in front of you, we see that most of our roads are in east-west direction. We do not have such roads in the north-south direction. During this period, we are trying to increase the north-south axis. Some of them will be provided by opening these tunnels. The Ovit tunnel will start from the end of the Black Sea and connect to İspir and from here to Erzurum with a few tunnels. After Erzurum, an axle is formed that can go all the way to the south along with other roads. Likewise, the work carried out by Artvin is an example of this. Currently, studies are underway for the tunnel to be built in Zigana. Further down the existing Zigana Tunnel, there is a tunnel of approximately 12 km and a work that can go down to the bends of Torul and the divided road between Maçka and Gümüşhane continues. This road will merge with Kop Mountain tunnels and these axes will be completed gradually. Zigana tunnel projects have been made and have reached a certain stage. It will be tendered in the near future. It does not appear in the investment program this year, but can be included in the investment program next year. It is in the program. These will be done. When these axles are completed, north-south transportation will become more active. There will be a transfer of loads from inside Anatolia and even from countries such as Iran. I am sure that the Black Sea coasts will be much more active in the near future. This structure will be supported by logistic centers and large ports to be built ”.


Baş, who pointed out that the studies on the railway station in Trabzon continued, ine Our target now is to download the train to Trabzon. Studies are continuing on this. So there is no clear decision. It's one of those decisions you're saying. In the study you mentioned, the train in question is divided into two after Torul and one leg in Tirebolu and the other in Trabzon. These are the bill, the project. There are also alternatives to this. You have your throat, Rize. There are several studies such as in the direction of Bayburt-Of. They bring these universities. We'il take all of this. One of them will be decided under the supervision of our Prime Minister. There's a fact. This will be done on the railroad track but at the moment it is only thought about where and when to do it. This has no clear-cut schedule nor a cleared line at the moment. This bill is being worked on. Even thinner work is being done. Line work done. Now how much will it cost, how much is clear how much tunnel there, what is the situation of viaduct work is done. All will be identified one by one and the most appropriate one will be implemented. Weighted opinion is in this direction. Maybe one foot is made and one foot is made later. However, in any case, the train works will be completed and implemented soon. Ancak


the first time a sea filled prestige airport that will be held in Turkey's Deputy Chief Minister said, "That Mr. Prime Minister also pays much attention. I have seen on the site that the filling works have reached the level of 30-40. Even the landing-runway of the plane is made in the ratio of 30-40. Soon we're going to take over the superstructure tenders. The construction continues in a planned way. It will also be finished in the targeted time. When finished, it will accelerate the navigation in the Black Sea. Our citizens in Ordu and Giresun will have access to the airport by taking the 100-150 km instead of the 30-40 km. This airport will also be an alternative airport. For example, if you can not find a plane to Trabzon, Ordu, you can not find Trabzon, you can not find. For example, you are going to Samsun. In the evening, you can't find an airplane in Samsun. So we will have the opportunity to use an alternative air transport. There are also periods when other airports are taken care of and repaired. In such cases, this airport can also be used. Our work continues at the point of reaching airports with a trip below our target of 100 km. We are trying to do this as much as possible. However, rather than doing so, it is more important to be able to operate these places in an efficient manner and to reach the required passenger potential. Air transport is no longer luxury. We continue our activities with the slogan 'People's Way Airline'. The airway is the way of the people. There is the possibility to access the bus price. If you're a little awake and buy your tickets in advance, if you make your schedule, you have a chance to buy cheaper tickets from the bus. These are the works to help us get our place in the developing world Geliş.


Plan to be made in the Eastern Black Sea Region, both employment and a wealth can be brought to the Bas, said:

M Local facilities should be highlighted for the development of the region in the first degree. This is the most economic development model. After that, local models can be supported by close regions and in different areas, development models can be found. Our region is poor in terms of land, but the region is very beautiful. Our plateaus and historical works are also available. Therefore, we are in a region where we need to highlight tourism. We are also a region with plenty of water. We have to evaluate the water and bring it into the economy. Many dams are built in our region. We need to find ways to use water with energy production and other means. The plan should be shaped especially with tourism. Hunting tourism should be evaluated in our region which has plenty of forest. It is a region where the forest grows fast. Therefore, we need to make our old forests better renewed. Together with the plan to be made, we will bring employment and wealth to our region. Ila


Başaye noted that the new shipyard has a great potential in Sürmene, said:

De The shipyards here were dealt with at a time when shipyards were very popular. Tender was given to a private company. However, it is now in a period of stagnation because of the economic crisis. These crises have never been sustained. Shipyard pauses for a period, and after a period, it regains its old speed. It is necessary to wait patiently for these crises to pass and not give up. And a shipyard might not be needed at all. There is also the demand for the logistics center. This can be further enlarged. But at this time, the shipyard, which is currently planned as a shipyard, is currently paused. But I believe you will act. This crisis will end one day. It will experience the golden age of shipbuilding in Turkey. In these periods, it is necessary to go to permanent structuring. During the last period, he made big investments, thinking that the orders he had received through the storm would come behind. When they didn't come back, they were all forced. But I think these periods will be temporary. Over time, this will improve. As long as we can withstand patience and the rest of the shipyard work is still necessary. It is a great potential for us. Bizim


Eastern Black Sea Region should be directed to cruise tourism voicing Baş, said:

Lazım Once it is necessary to make the structures on the seafront available. We have ports and small fishing shelters. Maybe there is no need for larger ports. But if we have the chance to bring these transportation networks in the north-south direction, we will have to make large ports with large coastal structures. At the moment there are people who even aspire to do the great harbor there. They should all be well evaluated. Our sea has no great chance in terms of sea tourism. Our goal is to maximize the current capacity. The capacity of the port we use best does not exceed 30. We must turn to cruise tourism. We are working to make more cruise ships come to our ports and more tourists come. Cruise tourism is a form of tourism that makes middle-aged and tourism more conscious and makes people feel more comfortable and richer. These people also leave something to you when they come. There is no chance to complete the places they will visit in our region in a day. For example, it will be a day for them to go back to Sumela Monastery. This will increase the accommodation facilities. Our region will develop further as accommodation.

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