Trabzon Municipality 1 20 Bin Asphalt Serdi per Month

Trabzon Municipality quickly entered the asphalt season. 31 March 2013, which opened the asphalt season on the 1 20 thousand tonnes asphalt road in the month made the road.
2013 150 thousand tons of asphalt goal that they set out with the Mayor of Trabzon. Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, advanced car parks with very modern asphalt roads said they do. Mayor Gümrükçüoğlu stated that they will work in the city during the first three months of the asphalt season and said, ederek We will be in and out of the city in April, May and June. We will continue our asphalt works with a good calculation in order not to repeat the service twice, especially due to the transition of natural gas and other infrastructure services. After the first three months, we will provide asphalting services to districts and towns according to urgency. İlk
Mayor Gümrükçüoğlu stated that they have accelerated the asphalt works with the arrival of spring and the weather improves, and said, “In the new season, we plan to asphalte the damaged roads and newly opened roads in our 42 neighborhoods. We continue our work with an understanding of equal service to every neighborhood. "Our aim is to ensure that citizens travel more safely by reconsidering the roads with damaged asphalt."
In the last 4 year, Trabzon Municipality has set a record-breaking record in asphalting. 2011 240 tons of asphalt production of the region in December with the most modern and the largest asphalt plant in the city of Trabzon in the year this year, located in the city and the excavation work in the city due to the deterioration of all neighborhood roads is aimed to finish. 2012 thousand asphalt production in the year 124 with a record of a significant success with the signing of the Municipality of Trabzon this year while breaking a new record in asphalt 150 thousand tons of asphalt production plans to perform.

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