Ropeway Bursa

Cutthroat fighting in the color of a cable car
The color of the cabins of the new ropeways going to the Hotel Zone is expected to come. 3 has a great struggle on the social platform for the cabs which are opened to voting in different ways.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality on the website of the 8,5 kilometers to be used in the survey to determine the color of the cabin will continue to fight.

Great contention, among the green white cabins with red. While 50310 is voting in total, the difference between them is 2.


Those who advocate that the color identified with Bursa and fans is green and white; those who think that the color of the half-century ropeway is red and should remain so, gives their vote to red.


It is known that the first place changed hands frequently while the reason for this is that there are the local people organized in the social platform.

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