TCDD Eskişehir Railroad Crossing Superstructure and Electrification Project

New developments have been recorded in the tender for the Eskişehir Railway Crossing and Electrification Works, which will be realized by Turkish State Railways (TCDD) Railroad Production Department.

According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; On May 16, 2013, a contract for 43.185.709 lira was signed with Gülermak İnşaat, which won the tender. As it is known, the other companies participating in the tender with an approximate cost of 70.984.871 TL were determined as follows:

  1. Anastiloti that
  2. Assignia-Elron-E + M Electric
  3. Asya Ray - Koçoğlu
  4. GCF
  5. Kolin Construction
  6. Net Yapı - Savronik A.Ş.
  7. Porr Bau - Emre Ray
  8. Yapı Proje - Yapıray

Source : Investments


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