TCDD Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project Vezirhan-Inonu between the Shev Fortifications and Open-Close Tunneling work tender was collected

Turkish Republic Railways (TCDD) Rail Construction Department, Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project (2. Stage) Vezirhan-Inonu (Cut 2) (VK24-DT24) (Km: 213 + 400 to KM: 213 + 940) - The proposals of the tender for the Construction of the Tunnel Construction Project were collected.

According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; firms and their bids (¨) were determined as follows:

  1. Üçel Construction 14.469.236
  2. Güneş Yol A.Ş. - Mak İş Construction 17.444.212
  3. Arıtaş Engineering 18.599.817
  4. Divers Construction 21.742.299
  5. STY Construction 21.989.790
  6. Nas Construction 22.679.537

Source : Investments


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