High Speed ​​Train Set Project 1 rapid train set procurement tender evaluation process is about to be completed

TCDD High Speed ​​Train Set Project 1 evaluation of the tenders for the purchase of the high speed train set has reached the stage of completion
The evaluations of the bids of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate on the date of 19 November 201 were completed and the evaluation of the bids of the an 5 very high speed train set purchase with 1 reserves N tender was completed.

According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; The evaluation report to be prepared in the coming days will be submitted to the approval of the Board of Directors. After receiving the necessary approval, the company will be invited to be invited for the contract.

As is known, the approximate cost of 69.899.760 lira and 30.955.121,56 Euro was determined only by Siemens. firm had bid.

The firm's offer was:

  • Train Set Unit Price 35.889.520 €

5 Spare Parts Price 1.794.476 €

Maintenance - Repair 2.316.000 €

General Total 39.999.996 €

Ref .: Investments Magazine 1107 / 26 November 2012 (ŞB)

Source : I www.yatirimlar.co

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