High speed train projects will contribute to cities

High speed train projects will contribute to cities
Abdullah PEKER, Vice President of Transport and Railway Employees, said in a statement, High Speed ​​Train Projects take the first place among the biggest projects in our country in the recent times.

In the research conducted in the cities where high speed trains pass;
% 78 Revitalized by the commercial life of the city
% 80 contributes to tourism
% 80 No matter what the cost
% 65 think that HRCs have included our country among developed countries.

If we consider that the High Speed ​​Train journey is both safe and time saving, we think that this project will be able to understand the contribution of the economy to the economy.

Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project provides a reduction in travel time and high comfort and security between the two biggest cities of our country, Ankara_İstanbul. In this project, Ankara-Istanbul between the two lines, electrical, signal hours 250 km speed is considered when the Istanbul Istanbul 3 hours to fall, in our country in other regions of the construction of the high-speed train projects will provide incredible contributions to the national economy.

The Ankara-Sivas YHT project is under construction I will insist on the completion of this project in 2014 by the politicians, although I think the end of this project will be the year of 2016. In addition, this project will continue with Caucasian countries and Europe, Iran and Middle East railway connections. The high-speed railway between the cities will pass through Sivas, which is a gain for Sivas.
603 km from Ankara_Sivas is currently 12 hours by rail. When we think that 250 is speeding at km when YHT project is finished, 405 hours will be 2 hours without considering that it has double lines. This is a service and a gain.

In our opinion, when the fast train project is over, the governor of Sivas will leave the village and become a European city.

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