More Than 50 Bearing Oil Products in Russia Burned (Video)

More than 50 Carriage Burned Oil Products in Russia
A fire broke out in more than 50 train cars carrying petroleum products near the Beloy Kalitve settlement in the Rostov Region of RUSSIA. 3 thousand people were evacuated in the region. Eight of the wagons that were derailed started to burn.

While the fire near the settlement unit spread around all of a sudden, 3 thousand people in the region were evacuated due to the fire, which was feared to splash into the houses. According to preliminary determinations, 27 people were injured in the fire, 10 of them were hospitalized, and 1 was reported to be in severe condition. According to the News in Ria Novosti, while the fire was taken under control, the Ministry of Extraordinary Affairs sent a group of psychologists to the region where the accident occurred for those evacuated and injured. The report also said that the official of the Center for Emergency Situations in the Southern Region of Russia said that one of the railroad cars might have chemical leakage because it was loaded with methylene chloride, but because the people in the region had been evacuated, there was no dangerous situation.


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