Primitive cable car accident in the river (Video)

Primitive cable car crash in the rized
RİZE'dan 40-year-old Erkan Mengen and his 6-year-old daughter Gökçe to go to the tea plant the wire rope of the cable car ruptured. The father threw his daughter from the fast moving cabin to the field and crashed into the floor with the cabin. Erkan Mengen died in the incident, his daughter was severely injured Gokce.
The event took place at the 11.00 ranks in the village of Uzunkaya, which was connected to the center. Erkan Mengen, along with his daughter Gokce to go to the tea plant rode into the cabin of the cable car. Approximately 100 meters down the descending down the line of the cable car, a short time after the break of the steel wire began to move towards the ground with great speed. Erkan Mengen wanted to save his daughter by throwing the tea field at the bottom, crashed into the floor with the cabin. The father and his daughter seriously injured in the incident with the help of the surrounding area Rize State Hospital. Erkan Mengen died in spite of all interventions and her daughter Gökçe Mengen, who is in serious condition, was treated in Intensive Care Unit. After the accident Gendarmerie launched an investigation in the region.

Worked as a temporary worker in the Derepazarı District Governorate in Is-Kur, Erkan Mengen was married and had a father of 2 children. Mengen living in the neighborhood of Yapraklar district Iyidere'nun Uzunkaya village to collect tea in the summer, said.


Metin Bıçakçı, the President of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Rize, made a statement about the primitive ropeways used extensively in the Eastern Black Sea region. an engineering service is not received, it is done indiscriminately. Manufacturing and assembly is also done without seriousness, careless and sloppy are used. It is estimated that there are primitive ropeways near the 20 in the region. In addition to the freight transportation, people should be introduced to the primitive ropeway where people are transported as soon as possible. Despite our report, no measures were taken. Should someone die for the precaution? Ön

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