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RayHaber Magazine Owner Levent Özen, Rail Systems Joins Panel at kbui: Ozen Technical Consulting Media Group broadcast as 5 3 website and magazine finger on the pulse of the railway sector in Turkey Levent Özen He met with KBU students.

RayHaber Magazine owner Levent Özen 1969 was born in Ankara. 20 has been working in the railway industry for years Levent ÖzenGraduated from METU Physics Department. Mr. Levent started working in the railway sector when he was a student and he owns a company that provides technical consultancy on rail systems. Participating in the panel to give information about the importance of media in rail systems Levent Özen He gave the students quite informative information.
With the rapid developments in the Internet World and the 3.0 revolution in the web, the main element of our life-changing 5 was mentioned:


All subjects described in the examples attracted the attention of all students and faculty members. What to do in ten steps is:

  1. Plan your future career exactly.
  2. Write down what you need to do for the plan.
  3. Follow all news sources about this profession.
  4. Identify your brand or title.
  5. Invest in time.
  6. RELAX! (50 of work is done)
  7. Get yourself involved in regular work.
  8. Be social.
  9. SHARE

In fact, a short success story was told. Because Levent Özen important sectoral publishing in a short time RayHaber brand has also given the short tips on how it was created. RayHaber1 year after the interests of Turkey's railway magazine in English and Turkish. Besides this magazine published every 2 months, RaillyNews called in English, German, French, Spanish and a group of web and broadcast news magazines media group in Turkey railway sector as well sahibi.şirket within an international journal published in Russian. RAYHABER, RaillyNewsRayray, TeleferikHaber and every day thousands of people are following with raytürki the railway sector. More scientific panels on railways will be held in Karabük

Established the first time in Turkey, Karabük University Rail Karabük University by the Club with Health, Culture and Sports Department of the organization TCDD 2. Region Directorate, Logistics Manager Valerie Vecdi Maples, Ansaldo STS Signaling Engineer / Project Engineer Yunus Emre Teke, Ozen Technical Consulting, Rail From Systems Technical Consultancy Levent Özen, Siemens A.Ş. Turkey, Rail Automation Business Unit Director of the Peace Balcılar, KARDEMİR Inc. Quality Management Manager Osman Yazaroğlu, Ostim OSB Technology Center and Anadolu Rail Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS) Coordinator Dr.. Ilhami Pektas and Durmazlar Inc. Rail Systems Project Manager Sunay Şentürk 's Rail Systems panel was held with the participation of. Dr. Bektas Acikgoz Conference Hall, the Vice Rector Prof. Dr.. Dr. İbrahim Kadı, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Dr. Prof. Dr. Erol Arcaklıoğlu and University Academic Staff and Students. The panel was chaired by Asst. Assoc. Dr. Ismail Esen did. In the first session first mentioned TCDD 2. Regional Manager, Logistics Manager Vedat Vecdi Akça. For the first time in Turkey, the first of the University of Karabük Rail Systems Engineering at the University of Valerie Vecdi stressed that the opening of Chapter Maples; “In previous years, the use of rail transport was 40%, but unfortunately according to the latest data of 2012, this ratio has decreased to 2-5%. In the last 10 years, TCDD has been making investments by modernizing high-speed trains and as a result of these investments we will use a fast, safe and comfortable transportation system. Karabük University, Rail Systems Engineering Department to open the first graduates verecektir.türki 'de also will be the first Rail Systems Engineers.

KARDEMİR A.Ş., which gave a presentation on gerçekleştir Production of Ray in Kardemir “. Quality Management Manager Osman Yazaroğlu; Uz As KARDEMİR, we are proud of this development. In Turkey, an organization has the distinction of being the first iron and steel factory. We also contribute to the establishment of the only organization producing rails and many organizations. Besides the Turkey Karabük University will do here with the testing of iron produced by establishing a single rail test center. Thus, we will be free from being dependent on the outside. By making all of the railway materials in Karabük, it is our goal to turn Karabük into a production center with our test center. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this panel. Bu

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