RayHaber 28.05.2013 Tender Bulletin

12 Purchase of occupational safety services in the workplace

Extraction of simple shears with concrete sleepers suitable for E1 rail and welding of aluminotermite seals and repair with bending machine

Construction of ballast holder wall between the lines

Transportation Master Plan Model Calibration and Update Service Will Be Taken

Simple scissors with concrete sleepers are used for welding of gaskets with aluminotermite and repairing with bending machine.

Diesel engines will be disassembled and rectified with fuel pump injector adjustment (TÜLOMSAŞ)

Ballast holder wall between the lines will be built

Spot welding area fence and Manisa type construction will be done at the station site

Ladder platform for disabled people (Malatya gar, Diyarbakir gar and Batman gar runway between)


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