Rail Renewal Work Started in Pazarcık

Rail Renewal Work Started in Pazarcık: Renovation of train tracks in Pazarcık, belonging to the State Railways (Ddy), which acts as a bridge between Hatay İskenderun Iron and Steel Factory and Sivas Divriği, started.

Mayor Kamil Dalkara and Ddy 5th Regional Manager Üzeyir Ülker attended the opening of the line renewal work started in Pazarcık. In the opening, "Allah, accidents do not cause trouble, accidents be far away." he was prayed. Speaking at the opening, 5th Regional Director Üzeyir Ülker stated that 5 important works were carried out in the 2th Region. Ülker stated that the 1-kilometer region between Adıyaman and Gölbaşı Pazarcık in the 80st Region and the 2-kilometer road construction work between Diyarbakır Kurtalan in the 100nd Region.

Ülker pointed out that a road construction work has started for the first time since the establishment of the Republic, and stated that the new railway route has been completely used by domestic capital. Pointing out that the same rail is laid with the rails laid in high speed train services, Ülker stated that the railway is the most ideal transportation in freight transportation. Ülker said, “In particular, the Divriği-Sivas-İskenderun-Yakacık railway line of 552 kilometers, which we call ore line, has been renewed. 80 kilometers of it remained. This road has a special importance. Erdemir, which carried iron at the end of 2015, has an annual transportation of approximately 4 million tons of iron ore. This will be carried on these rails. Rails are renewed with precision. 80 thousand cubic meters of balance (crushed stone), 185 thousand tons of 60 rail tracks and 12 thousand concrete sleepers will be used in the 150-kilometer line. said. Stating that the approximate cost of the railway is 50 million TL (50 trillion), Ülker stated that 110 workers and 15 technical personnel are working on the road and said, “The train services will not be prevented, the road will be closed for 7-16 hours between 8 am and 9 pm, again in the evening. will open. If any, it will be finished in mid-September. " he spoke.

Mayor Kamil Dalkara stated that all the goods that previously went to the East from the factory in Pazarcık went by train, and when the new road is completed, the factory owners will send the goods they produce again by train. Dalkara stated that freight transportation on the railway is affordable in terms of price, and that they are ready for all kinds of support in the railway renovation work as Pazarcık district.

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