Orenburg ropeway went into service again

Orenburg ropeway went into service again
In the city of Orenburg, the cable car from Europe to Asia was put into service again. The journey from Europe to Asia can already be made in just two minutes.

The city of Orenburg on the banks of the Ural River, 1500 km to the east of Moscow, is known as a place where headscarves are produced, which are not their spouses outside the country. These headscarves are renowned for their beauty and warmness. But there is also another feature of Orenburg - it is also located in Asia and Europe on two continents.

As is known, the border between Asia and Europe passes through the Ural region between the Eastern European Plain and the Western Siberian Plain on the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan. The foundation of this region is the Ural Mountains system. Russian historian Vasily Tatischev proposed the idea of ​​defining Ural as a border point between Asia and Europe. Before that, it was assumed that the border crossed the Don, Volga, Kama and Ob rivers.

The pedestrian bridge on the Ural River is a monument in the form of two border posts with a historical symbol of the border between the continents. One is overwritten by 'Europe' and the other by 'Asia'.

It can also be crossed from one continent to the other on the continent - the width of the river is a little higher than 40 at this place, not deep. On the Asian side of the city of Orenburg, local residents have Ural Grove, one of their favorite holiday destinations.

In 2006 a cable car was built here. One of the most modern and comfortable ones in Russia is the length of this ropeway is slightly higher than 200. The cable car consists of two cabinets with 8 personality hanging on steel ropes. Due to some technical problems, the cable car was closed for renovations. But now the Orenburg ropeway, which carries passengers from Europe to Asia in two minutes, is still operating.

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