Route change in Bursa bus routes (New Route Map)

Route change in Bursa bus routes
In order to make the public transportation services more efficient by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, route and time changes were made in 35E, 43H, D5 and 4 / I lines.

Aiming to remove transportation problems in Bursa by rail system, new roads, sea and air transportation investments, the Metropolitan Municipality also aims to offer the most efficient service to the public by changing the routes and times of the existing public transportation vehicles. Within the scope of these studies, route and time changes were made in 35E, 43H, D5 and 4 / I lines. 6 According to the new regulation that will be effective as of May Monday, the routes are as follows:

35E: Centenary Station - Lausanne Square Boulevard - Prof.Dr. Erdal Inonu Street - Flower Street - Ahmet Taner Kislali Boulevard - Ugur Mumcu Street - Ertugrul Station - Abdi Ipekci Street - 315. Street (Purple Violet Sites) - 231. Street - 233. Street - M. Aksoy Street - 230. Street - 224 Street - Erdoğan Binyücel Street - Uğur mumcu Boulevard - Altınşehir Station

43H: Ata Boulevard - Cihan Street - Nene Hatun Street - Emek Street - Nilufer Hatun Street - Gazi Caddesi - Nilufer Hatun Street - Kanuni Street - Inebey Street - Iskele Street - (Departures: Emniyet Caddesi - Ahmet Vefik Pasa Caddesi) (Return: Ceylan Street - Mosque Street) - Tuna Street - FSM Boulevard - Mudanya Yolu Caddesi - Acemler

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