New Başkentray Project The decision of the JCC is expected to reach TCDD in order to start re-tender preparations

TCDD New Başkentray Project The decision of the JCC is expected to reach the TCDD in order to start re-tender preparations.
Comsa - Acquisition - Seza İnşaat's joint venture has appealed to GCC The new developments related to the tender for the D Construction of the Sincan - Ankara - Kayaş Line Rebuilding (Başkentray) - tender, which will be carried out by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), were recorded.

According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; In order to start re-tender preparations, the JCC decision is expected to reach the TCDD. The authorities noted that after the decision has been reached, the tender preparation works will be accelerated and a new tender announcement will be made as soon as possible. 24 appealed again to the JCC about the outcome of the tender. At this stage, the RCC decision will be expected. As it is known, the tender was canceled by the Public Procurement Authority (GCC).

As it will be remembered, Gülermak A.Ş. - Joint venture of Kolin Construction, joint venture of Comza - Expansion - Seza Construction and joint venture of Makyol Construction - Cengiz Construction has appealed to Public Procurement Authority for the result of the tender. Porr Bau has won the bid with 188.867.427 Euro bid and the final decision is 26 February 2013 companies were notified.

Other firms participating in this tender were:

  1. Accione - Kiska - Ulubol Construction
  2. Alsim Alarko

  3. Assignia - Koçoğlu Construction

  4. Azer Construction - Özgün Yapı

  5. Comsa - Opening - Seza İnşaat

  6. Constructora Sanjose - Fernas Construction

  7. Doğuş Construction

  8. Gülermak Inc. - Kolin Construction

  9. Makyol Construction - Cengiz İnşaat

  10. Moskovskiy Metrostroy Open Construction - Net Construction

  11. Özaras - İntekar - Compliance Structure

  12. Ramberg Bau AG

  13. Sacyr SA- Özaltın Construction

  14. Sinohydro - Ilci Construction

  15. Strabag AG

  16. Vianini Lavani - Öztaş Construction

  17. Building Center

  18. Yertaş Construction - China Railway

Reference: Investments Magazine 1132 / 20 May 2013 (ŞB)

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