Monthly akbilin transition limit reduced

Monthly akbilin transition limit reduced
Istanbul Electricity, Tramway and Tunnel Operations (IETT) has reduced the monthly Blue card limit from 200 to 180.
The decision taken by the Transportation Coordination Directorate took effect on 1 May. The decision was announced on the IETT website. According to the statement made on the IETT website, “In accordance with the decision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) dated 31 January 2013 and numbered 2013 / 1-8, 1 passes to the" Monthly Blue Akbil "used in public transportation since 2013 May 155 for a fee of 180 TL. was given the right. There has been no change regarding the 200 passes granted to the monthly Teachers, Students and Social Card users. " said.

Previously, while a limit was reduced from the monthly Akbils in metrobuses, it was increased to two with a sudden decision. Now, the monthly pass limit has been reduced from 200 to 180, and a 10 percent secret hike has been made.

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