Metrobus special complaint site established

Metrobus special complaint site established
Among the dozens of reactions to the web site is the most metrobüse riding experiences are taking place.
Metrobus, which was offered as an alternative solution for transportation in Istanbul, became the most important part of public transportation. However, passengers in the bus from the crowd at the stop-kakış rides and many complaints to the vehicle congestion, the authorities began to share their complaints online when the authorities cut the hope.

“WE'RE ONE OF THE LIKE EK dozens of reactions to the website called the most experienced problems in riding the metrobus. Therefore, the statements that people start to act as enemies, 'we're riding to beat each other' statement is almost common. Here are some complaints to the site:

“I am a traveler of this metrobus every day, but I'm ashamed of the quarrels every evening. We ride by beating each other on the metrobus. I suspect the authorities do not see this problem. People will be hostile to each other because of this BRT. Especially CevizliI'm embarrassed at the bond. Produce a remedy now. An (Adam's coat 14: 11)


“I have to start with the subject. Metrobus seriously, very crowded. It's a good time to fix the problem. There is no problem for men and we women face serious problems. Do it during working hours. Increase the number of flights in the morning and evening hours; If you do not have a vehicle, please contact us. You see that there is a crowd. What you need to make people suffer so much. Everybody uses the vehicle, even though the financial situation is good. Please help, increase the number of vehicles. ”(Mystery 11: 02)

"Hello; I have to tell you about an incident that happened to me recently and we all feel uncomfortable about it. While waiting for the Metrobus waiting for 34A, especially from Söğütlüçeşme to Zincirlikuyu, there are people jumping and jumping to the metrobus as if we were in a war. However, I often believe that this problem will be solved if BRTs are very common. On the other hand, there is a constant struggle and debate between people. I request that the necessary actions be taken in this issue. Good afternoon.: (Sikayetim_var 23: 24)


Rob We demand the increase of Beylikdüzü BRT flights. People like fish. Tools, hot airless. We're making a journey, we're not tortured. In addition, with our own car, going to Beylikdüzü direction, although the road works have been completed, we can see that the bus and bus lines starting from Küçükçekmece are on the road in Avcılar. Every evening when you go home, if you prefer two forms of torture. We hope that the bus and minibus lines in Avcılar will be taken over the road. So traffic is relieved. Now enough 1,5 is the torture we've taken years. And increase the number of Beylikdüzü BRT and air conditioners run. (tuana_34 15: 38)

Yetersiz Beylikdüzü metrobus is very inadequate. Very expecting and very crowded. Dear officials, this situation should be taken very urgently. The subway is being built on the Anatolian side but metrobuses are coming to Beylikdüzü. It would have been better if the subway had been built, at least faster. Please feel that the metrobus is not enough, so please hear our voice. Ses (neslihan 20: 28)


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