Metrobus special complaint site established

Metrobus special complaint site established
Among the dozens of reactions to the web site is the most metrobüse riding experiences are taking place.
Metrobus, which is offered as an alternative solution to transportation in Istanbul, has become the most important part of public transportation. However, the passengers who had many complaints from the crowd at the bus stops to get pushed to the buses and the congestion in the vehicle, started to share their complaints on the internet when the officials stopped hope.

“WE ARE RICHING OUR OTHER” Among the dozens of reactions to the website, the most common problems about getting on the metrobus. Therefore, while expressing that people are starting to act as if they are hostile to each other, the expression 'we ride each other by beating each other' is almost common. Some complaints coming to the site in question are as follows:

“I am a passenger of this metrobus every day, but I am ashamed of the fights every evening. We ride each other by beating each other. I think the authorities don't see this problem. People will become enemies to each other because of this metrobus. Especially CevizliI am ashamed in the vineyard to ride by fighting. Create a cure for it now. ” (Adam Kaban 14:11)


“I have to start the subject from here. Metrobus is seriously very crowded. It would be good if you put additional time to fix the problem. It is not a problem for men, but we women face serious problems. Make it at work hours. Increase the number of trips in the morning and evening hours; If you don't have a car, bring it. You also see that it is crowded. What is the need to make people so victim? Already everybody can drive if his financial situation is good. Please help, increase the number of vehicles. ” (mystery 11:02)

"Hello; I must explain an incident that happened to me recently and I think that we are all uncomfortable about this. While waiting for the metrobus, especially when waiting for 34A from Söğütlüçeşme to Zincirlikuyu, there are people who scramble and jump into the metrobus as if we were in a war. However, I believe that this problem will also be resolved if they send metrobus too often. On the other hand, there is a constant fight and debate among people. I request the necessary actions to be taken in this problem. Have a nice day." (sikayetim_var 23:24)


“We demand the increase of the Metrobus service to Beylikdüzü. People like a pile of fish. Tools are hot stuffy. It is not clear whether we are traveling or torturing. We also see that the münüsüs and bus lines on the road in Avcılar starting from Küçükçekmece and on the road in Avcılar, even though the road works have been completed on the way to Beylikdüzü with our own personal car. Every evening, when you go home, if you prefer both forms, it is tortured. We hope that the bus and minibus lines in Avcılar will be taken over the road to another location. So traffic is relieved. It is enough torture for 1,5 years now. And the number of metro buses in Beylikdüzü should be increased and air conditioners should be operated. (tuana_34 15:38)

“Beylikdüzü metrobus is very inadequate. We are very welcome and very crowded. Esteemed officials should take this situation very urgently. There are subways to the Anatolian side, but there are few metro buses to Beylikdüzü. It would be better if the metro was built, at least it would go faster. Anyway, the metrobus will not be enough, please hear our voice. ” (neslihan 20:28)

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