Istanbul earthquake will break the point metrobus high-speed trains and planes at risk

Istanbul earthquake will break the point metrobus high-speed trains and planes at risk
Istanbul University, Department of Geophysical Engineering lecturers participated in the conferences organized by the Municipality of Izmit in order to raise awareness of the students against earthquake. Dr. Oguz Gundogdu, many warnings about the possible Istanbul earthquake.

Noting that the fracture will be at sea in the north of Marmara, he said, m The point will be broken. The risk is very big, olac he said, adding that buildings, especially hospitals, are risky and that metrobuses, high-speed train and planes will be at risk. Associate Professor. The conference which was given by Oğuz Gündoğdu to inform students in Industrial Vocational High School today was followed by Izmit Mayor Nevzat Doğan, teachers and students. During the confrens, a description of a possible earthquake related cinevision was made. At the end of the conference, he answered questions of DHA reporters. Oğuz Gündoğdu stated that there had been a great turmoil in relation to natural disasters, and that many ministries were involved. We have seen the examples of merging and managing them from one place in Van. The work was quite successful. There were also some bugs but they weren't too many mistakes to focus on. There must be a strategy to intervene in the event. They built that strategy well, but there were shortcomings. These shortcomings are then evaluated. They're passing on something alone. There is a voice in every head of education. She's going to the field that takes the briefcase. That means risking people's lives in the future. Accreditation is required. You have to find the answer to the question of whether the education you do according to certain scales in the world has meaning. There is no literature in the world. In fact, we know who invented it, but now you can give it up and do things based on scientific basis. During the earthquake, they removed the body of many people in the fetal position under the pillars in the fetal position.


Oğuz Gündoğdu said, yeterli Measures were taken on another question about whether or not terps are sufficient. If we say not taken unfairly. But is it enough? Not enough. Şöyle
X Why, because we expect the earthquake if 4. If we like Kobe in gear, we're dead. Fires explosions all occurred. Are we ready for something like that now? I don't think we're ready. In some places we approached the points we wanted. Hospitals are still a problem. In Istanbul, other cities will affect all those around. Now we have determined that the break will be at sea in the north. If it's over there, it's unclear if he's here. But the point is broken. The risk is too big and the measures we take for it are not enough. Risk


Oguz Gundogdu, trains and aircraft related to the question of the risks on this question, the trains can be derailed, for this, the trains and aircraft in the earthquake 5-6 sanye warning should be set up before the industry, he said. Gundogdu continued as follows:
Çıkar The trains undoubtedly derail. Metrobus 70 is moving by mileage. These are the Haramidere. I mean, there's a lot of shit out there. Isn't there anything to do? The earthquake will come after 5-6 seconds at best. If we can make an alarm system for this 5-6 seconds, we have such examples in the world. Here in Japan. Then we can slow the train with an alarm system. But he shouldn't be braking hard. There are a lot of details. They were also friendly. You give them to everyone in training. But this is the condition at the airports. Let's say it was an aftershock when the airplane landed at the airport. For example, what? The plane breaks. I knew that the 5-6 seconds warning system was not at the airport, we talked there. I wonder if it's done or not. All the airports are close here. When the airplane landed, the ground fluctuated in advance so that they could be folded in 3-4 seconds. Airplanes have this possibility. They have very powerful engines. This measure is also very important.

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