Istanbul earthquake will break the point metrobus high-speed trains and planes at risk

Istanbul earthquake will break the point metrobus high-speed trains and planes at risk
Participating as a speaker in the conferences organized by Izmit Municipality in schools to raise awareness of students against earthquakes, Assoc. Dr. Oğuz Gündoğdu made many warnings about the possible Istanbul Earthquake.

Stating that the fracture will be at sea in the north of Marmara, it has now been determined, saying “The point to be broken is certain. The risk is too great, ”said Gündoğdu, adding that buildings, especially hospitals, are risky, and that metrobus, high-speed trains and planes will also be at risk. Associate Professor. İzmit Mayor Nevzat Doğan, teachers and students watched the conference that Oğuz Gündoğdu gave today to raise awareness of the students at the Industrial Vocational High School. During Konfrens, statements were made about the possible earthquake accompanied by a cinevision show. Answering the questions of DHA reporters at the end of the conference, Assoc. Oğuz Gündoğdu stated that there was a great turmoil about natural disasters before and that many ministries were involved and said: “Before, a voice was heard from every head. We have seen examples of how these are combined and managed from a single location in Van Value. The work was very successful. There were some mistakes, but these were not the mistakes to be emphasized. There has to be a strategy in dealing with the incident. They had set up that strategy well, but still there were shortcomings. These deficiencies are then evaluated. They're getting late on something alone. Every head has a voice when it comes to education. The one who gets the document and the bag goes to education. This means putting people's lives in danger in the future. Accreditation is required. You need to find the answer to the question of whether the education you do according to certain scales in the world has a meaning. The fetal position does not exist in any literature of the world. We know who invented it, but now you give up on it and do things based on scientific foundations. In the earthquake, they recovered the corpses of many people in the fetal position under the columns, in the position of the collapsed fetus under the beams.


On another question about whether or not the intervention was enough, Oğuz Gündoğdu said, “Measures have been taken. If we say it was not taken, we would be doing it unfairly. But is it enough? Not enough." he continued as follows:
“Why, because if the earthquake we expected is like Kobe in 4th gear, we will be hurt. Fires and explosions all occurred. Are we ready for something like this now? I do not think we are ready. In some places, the points we wanted were approached. Hospitals are still a problem. It will affect all of those around in Istanbul and other cities. We have determined that the fracture will be at sea in the north, beyond our guess. It is not clear whether it will be here or here. But the point to break is obvious. The risk is huge, the measures we take for it are not enough. "


Oguz Gundogdu, trains and aircraft related to the question of the risks on this question, the trains can be derailed, for this, the trains and aircraft in the earthquake 5-6 sanye warning should be set up before the industry, he said. Gundogdu continued as follows:
“Trains will undoubtedly derail. Metrobus moves with a 70-kilometer limit. These are the places he landed in Haramidere. So there will be a lot of stalemates or something. Well, is there anything to do? The earthquake will come after 5-6 seconds at best. If we can make an alarm system for these 5-6 seconds, there are such examples in the world. It's over there in Japan. Then we can slow the train down with an alarm system. But it shouldn't brake hard. There are also a lot of details. They're easy too. You also teach them to everyone. But this is a must at airports. Let's say there was an aftershock when the plane landed at the airport. For example, what will happen? So the plane breaks. I knew that the 5-6 second warning system was not at the airport, we talked there. I wonder if it is done now or not. All airports are near here. When the ground fluctuates while the plane descends, they have to pass before this fluctuation, they told me that it can be passed in 3-4 seconds. Planes have this possibility. They have very powerful engines. This measure is also very important.

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