The Metrobus is a story of existence

The Metrobus is a story of existence
I'd like to get Monday.
When it comes to Istanbul, Bosphorus, Baby, Fashion, Independence, Kadıköy Metrobus, all of which are false lies! Knowing that I will take the metrobus triggers my dopamine release. In this way, I do not consume Nescafé any more so that I can sleep in the morning. I do not wash my face in the morning, thank god: coughing, sneezing, little boy, still, aunt, dayi, uncle everyone but everyone help one hand.
I don't need to go to Panama for the survivor adventure. All the games I longed for, grabbing a corner and grabbing chairs are offered all in one, and I can have this adventure away from the stress of passport and visa for only 2,95 TL. Survivor adventure on the one hand and longing for my childhood. New competitors every day. There is no age, gender, race or language classification; everyone can become a champion in this adventure. Who cannot sit today, is always sitting tomorrow, which makes me look to the future with hope. I don't like empty seats very much, so it gives me the feeling that I am the arrogant lucky bastard, while I think it kills my fighting spirit. Apart from the corner-grabbing game that requires physical strength and agility, there are also games that test our senses. The hardest part of these games is that it is almost impossible to win the immunity symbol 'Who Touched Where and Where' to test the skin receptors and nerve endings.
Okay, I admit it; I'm pissed off from people who can take a place without pushing. I think it's contrary to the nature of the Metrobus. I'm a musician. Play the game according to the rules, brother!
Oh! Summer has come, longing is over. What I miss people smelling sweat. My sense of smell improved. Now I can choose those who smell of sweat no matter what compartment they are in. My senses opened up. My attention was high. I learned to create myself. I want to write 'I was here' before finding a house for a job that is off the metrobus line. The expression of victory that appears on my face as I get off the metrobus cannot be compared to any cry of victory in Survivor.
I want it to be Monday now. Metrobus, an existence story ...



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