Mega Construction Site Istanbul

Mega Site Istanbul: Istanbul, which is in a giant construction site, will be the new center of the world with most of the projects to be completed this year.

Prime Minister Erdogan today will be the basis of the bridge will be the third bridge in the mega-city 3'ün third will be attached. Being a giant construction site, Istanbul will be the new center of the world with most of the projects to be completed this year.

Megakent Istanbul, which is bigger than many countries, is being reborn. Acting to make Istanbul a center of attraction for the country and the world, the government will change the face of the city and create an economic size with many projects that will be laid in Istanbul in 2013. Today, 3 will connect Istanbul to Beijing with London by rail. While the foundation of the Bosphorus Bridge was laid, all projects of the Republic 100. is planned to be grown. The projects of the Ministry of Transport and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality are shaping the city's 2023 vision.


Taksim Square pedestrianization project: 31 October 2012'da 50'de the project started XNUMX'i percent completed.

Yenikapı Square Project The construction of the project was initiated and a sea-based meeting and a meeting venue for 1 million people will be held in Yenikapı.

Da Vinci Bridge to the Golden Horn The Italian genius Leonardo Da Vinci designed the bridge for the Golden Horn 500 years ago, will be between Eyüp-Sutluce.

Haydarpasa renovation project Harem bus terminal removed by cultural facilities. Loading of passenger port instead of lifting the cargo port. Camlica Mosque The mosque's dome diameter will be the plate mark of Istanbul, the 34 meter. 72,5 nation in the name of the 72,5 meter to symbolize the height of the 107.1 meter, to symbolize the victory of the minaret 7 meter will be the name of the Malazgirt Victory. Total XNUMX minaret to be found. Cable car crossing to the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn will be established ropeway passes. Feasibility studies for the project that continues between Zincirlikuyu and Camlica Hill and Rumeli Hisarı-Otağtepe. Rami Barracks will be the cable car between Eyüp and Sütlüce.

The 3 airport has been transported to 45 airport for Istanbul, which has passed 3 million. The first phase of the project, which cost 10 billion, will be completed in 2017. Between the Yeniköy and Akpınar settlements on the European side of Istanbul, there will be an area of ​​approximately 76,5 million m2 in the Black Sea coastline.

YHT line The High Speed ​​Train (YHT) project, which will link the political and economic capitals, is expected to be completed at 29 October 2013. The distance between the two cities will be reduced from 7 to 3 hours and will cost 8 billion.

Marmaray will be completed at 4,5 October 29, which will cost 2013 billion TL to connect both sides of Istanbul to the Bosphorus. It will be integrated with Istanbul Metro. A passenger can get off at the other end of Istanbul with Marmaray.

3 4,5 end of project 2015 end of 1875 end of project with cost of Billion TL. The project, which will reduce the traffic load of the Tekirdağ-İstanbul-Kocaeli-Sakarya axis, includes a suspension bridge of 60 meters, a total of 21 thousand-meter viaducts and a total of XNUMX thousand meters of tunnels.

End of the 13 billion project end of the Gulf Pass, end of 2016. 377 km will be 44 km long, including highway and 421 km connecting way. 10 will download the hourly path to 3.5 hours. The world's 4's longest suspension bridge will be built.

Kanal Istanbul The Bosphorus will be opened on the European side of the city to relieve the Bosphorus from the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea. 5 will be completed in the year.

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