Construction thieves caught peeling the Marmaras

Construction thieves caught peeling the Marmaras
2 people in Istanbul and dozens of construction work, including dozens of construction work, about a million pounds worth of 24 people were referred to court.

The suspects went to the theft in some of the construction of the guns with the threat of guns turned off the gun appeared. After 6 months of technical and physical follow-up, 50 pieces, 23 sack yarn, electronic goods and 343 gram jute were seized together with the suspects. 14 cars used by the suspects in the thief were confiscated by the police.


In Istanbul, the police opened an investigation on the thefts that occurred in the constructions. Following the technical and physical follow-up initiated by 6 months ago by the Public Security Branch Directorate, the identities of the suspects and the methods they used in theft emerged. 4 people were caught in raids with 90 police to the previously identified 700 address on 48 days ago. Supported by the police helicopter 24 people arrested in the operation were taken into custody at the Bureau of Theft.


During the police investigation, the leader of the police 25 times the arrival of the Ü.Ç.'nin (36) organized methods of theft of gang members who were used in the construction methods were revealed. 4-5 people working in groups of gang members the day before the theft of the construction around the discovery was determined. It was determined that they preferred the constructions that do not have a security camera, especially the suspects who were brought with them and they changed the plate and entered the construction sites and fled after loading the materials to the vehicle. Suspects stolen goods in Kağıthane and Güngören'te 4 construction materials shop that sells half the price learned.


During the police investigation, the suspects were stolen from the 6 workplace with 35 construction in 17 months. Among the construction of the suspects stole the suspects Marmaray's work site in Fatih said. It was learned that the suspects stole 5 thousand pounds of construction material after tying his hands and feet.

They made the neighborhood "rescued area"

In order not to be caught in the theft Bureau Office of the mobile phone using as few cell phones as possible to make a neighborhood in the neighborhood of Esenler found that they have made a castle. They found that the network that broke all the street lamps of the neighborhood also brought their vehicles to the street entrances and turned them into traffic. It was learned that the members of the network had controlled the entrances to their neighborhoods with the guards they put on the streets.


The suspects who were processed in the police and who were processed in the 64 separate theft file were sent to the court.

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