What will be the ticket prices on the Marmaray line? (Video)

What will be the ticket prices on the Marmaray line?
Both Istanbul and Turkey will also change the face of one of the giant project 5; Marmaray… In Marmaray, where stations are starting to emerge gradually, test drives will begin within a few months.

29 2013 of the Republic in October 90. The Marmaray Project will be put into service for Istanbulites on the anniversary of the foundation. It is necessary to evaluate the project in two parts: infrastructure and superstructure. Infrastructure part is over 90. In a few months, it's all over. After that, there is no more superstructure. In the superstructure, there are laying of rails, making signals, electromechanization works, making stations, and finally providing train sets called pull-pulled vehicles. Some of the train sets are in Korea and some in Sakarya. 440 will be around the train set. The 330 of this is in Sakarya and the remaining 110 is in Korea. Bun

When the construction of the lines is completed, Halkalıto travel to Gebze, the duration of transportation will stop at the stations, the journey will take 103 minutes. There will be 3.5-4 minutes between two stations.



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