Transportation from London to Eskişehir by train in 5

From London to Eskisehir: Eskişehir Journalists Association organized every month by the Association of Media Provincial Administrators participating in the program Odunpazarı Mayor Burhan Sakallı, by answering questions from journalists clarified important issues about the agenda.

Giving information about the latest status of the Kızılinler project on a question asked, Mayor Burhan Sakallı said that they are planning 110 million square meters in the region. Explaining that the current planning is 25 thousand beds, Sakallı said: “These 50 hotels can be built. We envisage the establishment of a destination, thermal health tourism city. This will be one of the most important titles whenever life takes place. If desired, if all parties are determined and determined, Provincial Real Estate Directorate, Special Provincial Administration and a determined investor, the foundation of an investment can be laid in Kızılinler today. The investment we foresee is an investment of 2,5 trillion in the long term. ”


Noting that Eskişehir has become the most accessible city, President Sakallı said, kent We are constantly making promotions about how efficient our city is for traders and investors. What we want to do as president is to tell the investors the possibilities of the city. Our city is in competition with the cities of both its own country and other countries. We are competing to bring our city to the best position in every aspect of life with its social, cultural and economic life. When Ankara YHT flights begin, Marmaray opens a high-speed train from London at the time of a citizen 5 hours after the stroke will have the opportunity to Eskişehir. Imagine you're coming here from London, London, and no buses or buses. This will be something when you'll probably be in 1-2 years. This city is one of Turkey's most accessible cities. I no longer believe that we can do everything in Turkey, "he said.

ESTV General Manager Soner Yüksel said, “There is a local election movement, Burhan Sakallı's portrait, which I have observed, has started to come up with explanations about the issues that concern the Metropolitan. Is there a preliminary study for the metropolitan? As President Sakallı said, “As someone who was born in this city, passed the youth here, completed most of his education here, his family has lived in this city and has been the mayor for 2 terms, I cannot remain neutral to a problem in the city. Everything that happens in this city, every problem is about me as a citizen and a mayor. I share my views with you from time to time. I do everything I can to make Eskişehir a more beautiful city. Not only municipal services, but public services and all kinds of works that the industrialists, tradesmen or any citizens of the private sector intend to do for the city are in my interest. There are issues that are not the primary duty of Odunpazarı Municipality. I have a stance on the ring road, underpasses, and intersections that pass through Eskişehir city. I also made attempts to build the road, the Minister of Transport made nearly 300 million investments at that time. I was in the whole process. I was among the delegation that went to Ankara to extend the airport runway. I was also in the delegations that went to Ankara, who worked on speeding up high-speed train works, to take the railway underground. Regarding the stadium, which is a current issue, the issues of the location of the current stadium are the subjects I am interested in. My meetings take place before the deputies, the Ministers and even the Prime Minister. The decision-making areas of this city will not be tomorrow, but this city will continue to exist. We need to make a decision considering this. As city rulers, we have to see the next ones while we are making a decision and building something. We inherited these cities from both our ancestors and our children. So we have a lot of responsibility. The 1/25 thousand plan means planning the next 50 years of a city. We have done this recently. I had planned Eskişehir until the southern ring road that has not been opened yet, university areas bus terminals, sweat stations, tech olympic villages silicon valley, we discussed this for days. However, the Metropolitan Municipality canceled this. Then we gave it to the court, the court found us right and canceled the decision. Now we made our application again about the 1/25 thousand plan, we are waiting. ”


Providing information about the Karapınar Night Guard Prevention Project carried out together with TOKİ, Sakallı noted that the 100 940 houses under construction will be delivered this summer. President Sakallı noted that 160 houses will be given to the right holders, and the remaining 444 houses will be put up for sale. “XNUMX houses that are in the project but not started to be built will be tendered soon. In addition, we will do the same project, which is currently underway on an area of ​​half a million square meters, in another area. ”

Eskişehir Journalists Association President Yılmaz Karaca, who spoke at the meeting, gave information about the works. Karaca said: içinde We are in a very active position among the press organizations. We're doing the next Saturday media performance awards. the largest media outlets in Turkey with members of our general president of the Turkey Journalists' Federation, I'm vekiliy chairman. When we look at the quality of Eskişehir press, we see that there is a difference in Eskişehir. Our aim here is to talk to you and ask questions, we have brought here a friendly environment to answer your questions. We thank you for your participation belirt.

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