Get this train to Bursa

Get this train to Bursa
It was a phobia from my childhood, 'train travels' for me. I remember vaguely, but those loud voices during black train journeys had created a serious train phobia for me. When you say train, I used to say stay away from me. Until the end of the week….
Courage came and I decided to make the weekend trip to Ankara with 'New Generation High Speed ​​Train' from Eskişehir. Good thing… I got over my train phobia. I looked in the blink of an eye and landed in the heart of the Capital. The 6-hour Ankara journey ended in 3,5 hours.
If you say comfort it is that style, if you say safe, it is extremely safe, if you say no sound, if you say stress, what is it, I made such a journey. A question came to my mind immediately. Why are we so late in train transportation… I look at the times as lost.
Again, thanks to this journey, I got rid of a wrong thought. I was saying what would happen if the high-speed train came to Bursa. I used to think that priority should be an international airport. But I gave up. Let that train come to our Bursa as soon as possible…. With both Ankara and the new bridge to be built, İzmir transportation will be from Bursa in the blink of an eye. Is it Istanbul, it is like a next-door neighbor. We occupied it from the sea and the air ...
The only disadvantage of the High Speed ​​Train in Bursa is the distance from the main station to the city center. It will not be in the heart of the city as it is in Ankara and Eskişehir. But probably the subway line extended to the University will go there. My dream is that the metro line will extend from there to the 'Bursa International Airport' on the opposite plain. Why not…
In this way, we bring our guests from both domestic and abroad to the 'most beautiful of the cities' with a vehicle. All beauty starts with a good dream anyway, isn't it ..
That's how I had a weekend. I had deep and deep dreams about the adaptation of the beauties I have seen to Bursa. I hope it happens as soon as possible. After writing this article, one cannot pass without thanking ...
In that person, dear Minister of Transport, "Binali Yıldırım". There were some political personalities, no matter which party you are from, your dear minister is one of them. Both the regulation of roads, Construction of motorways, air transport, maritime transport, railways survived at all times to Turkey this system. Especially, 'Turkish Airlines', which he took over when he was about to go bankrupt, became a world brand. Turkey's first and only brand worldwide .... Messi, Kobe Bryant, Barcelona, ​​Mancester United, now the great German team Dortmund. They are all volunteer ambassadors. No need to extend it, Thank you Mr. Binali Yıldırım ..

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