Disaster scenario for Kanal Istanbul (Video)

Disaster scenario for Kanal Istanbul: CHP Deputy Chairman Umut Oran, in consultation with national security experts, created a scenario about the risks that may occur for the west side of Istanbul, which will turn into an island if Kanal Istanbul is built.

Based on this scenario, Oran said to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “This project, which will turn Western Istanbul into an island, is based on two bridges and Marmaray tunnel in the east when it is necessary to evacuate roughly 5-6 million people in case of natural disaster or radioactive fallout; How will evacuation take place in the event of a disaster if bridges to be built on this channel in the west are compelled? Likewise, in the event of a war, if the bridges collapse, will Thrace be reinforced only by sea route? " directed his questions.

CHP Istanbul Deputy Oran gave two parliamentary questions to the Presidency of the Assembly with the request of Prime Minister Erdogan to answer. Within the framework of the scenario he prepared in consultation with experts in the field of national security, Oran drew attention to the risks that will occur in terms of national security if Kanal Istanbul is built. Oran asked Erdogan the following questions:

Will it affect your Montreux contract?

Have you consulted with the beaches in the framework of the KEI and Bucharest Agreements, which are the basic agreements of the region for your Crazy Channel Istanbul project?

In the world, there is an existing natural and functioning strait, parallel to this, is there an example of a human structure, an alternative channel?

Have you evaluated the impact of the channel on the Montreux Convention, which not only regulates the passage of the Turkish Straits but has also established a security regime in the Black Sea-Marmara and Çanakkale regions? Do you have a plan against the processes that can change the integrity of the Turkish Straits, which is the backbone of the Convention?

The length of 40 kilometers, 150 meters and height of the 25 meter in the water, a volume of concrete around, expected to be affected by the energy of the sea at the bottom of the earthquake in the earthquake in the great Marmara earthquake will be affected; is the effect of the geological change created in the region on the settlements to be established in this channel and its vicinity?

How to get a sinking ship?

* It is claimed that Kanal Istanbul will have an average width of 150 meters and a depth of 25 meters. If any ship sank in this channel or a super tanker similar to the Independenta, as happened in 1979, burns for days, how will the accident be intervened in this channel, which is much narrower than the Bosphorus, and how will the wrecks be removed?

How to evacuate the radioactive spray?

* This project, which will turn Western Istanbul into an island, involves two bridges in the east and the Marmaray tunnel when it is necessary to evacuate roughly 5-6 million people in case of natural disaster or radioactive fallout; How will evacuation take place in the event of a disaster if bridges to be built on this channel in the west are compelled?

Thrace will remain vulnerable

* Similarly, in the event of the collapse of the bridges in the event of war, will Thrace be reinforced only by sea?

Will West Istanbul be dehydrated?

Will the 5-6 be enough to feed the island with the natural resources of the new West Istanbul island, especially water? In this context, the interaction of the channel with Ergene basin has been discussed.
* What kind of weakness would it be that the whole of the external logistics of the West Istanbul island would be dependent on the east and west to a few bridges?

Have necessary modeling been made about the effects of the tsunami and sea uplift that will occur after the earthquake, or the magnitude of the "notch effect" caused by the channel's changing nature, and its geological consequences?

Have you done any preliminary research and taken any archaeological precautions for the 'pottery' that may come out like in Marmaray?

Marmara Sea to be polluted

Due to the salinity, the hydrographic effects of the new surface stream which will flow from the Black Sea to the Marmara at the rate of more than 8 per hour, and the negative effects of the hydrographic effects on the balance of the eco system in the Western Black Sea have been analyzed by modeling?

This current will increase with the effect of the prevailing northern winds in the Black Sea and will carry the polluted surface waters of the Western Black Sea (Danube Delta), which still constitutes the most polluted part of the Black Sea due to the Danube Basin, to the Marmara and the pollution in the already very polluted Marmara. Has it been evaluated that it will increase many times over?
* Istanbul Bosporus day, the 130-140 merchant ship, the Montreux Contract in accordance with the right to pass without paying the toll in the case of the Istanbul Channel, why should the transition?

Need referendum>

Isn't it necessary that this geography-changing project be approved by the Turkish Grand National Assembly and asked the people of Istanbul / Tekirdağ with a regional referendum, considering both the Montreux Convention and its effects on the environment?
* How will this channel change the ecology of Eastern Thrace? Has the annual return of the agricultural land to be lost been calculated? How many trees will be cut in this huge project due to infrastructure requirements?
* What is the cost of 150-200 million cubic meters of excavation, 8-10 million cubic meters of cement and steel reinforcement?

How long do you anticipate the construction-delivery time of this construction?

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