The feasibility study of the project for Kahramanmaras trambus continues (Video)

The feasibility studies of the Kahramanmaras trambus project are in progress
Mayor of Kahramanmaras Mustafa Poyraz stated that they are looking for new and alternative solutions for transportation in our city.

In his speech at the promotion of 11 bus at Kahramanmaraş Municipality Transportation Services Directorate, he said that the problems have been growing due to the growth of cities. We are taking serious steps to solve this problem. The number of vehicles we use in public transportation with the 11 bus, which we put into service today, increased to 34. Buses cost us 3 million 266 thousand pounds. The buses we bought are designed in such a way that the last system has technological equipment and our disabled brothers can also benefit from it. There are four cameras in it. Moreover, there is a system which will inform the citizens about the bus stop or where the bus is coming with the digital display in the middle. We will also implement the system called the smart stop at our stops. The waiting citizen will be in a position to know when the bus is waiting or where he / she is at the moment. Dur

Expressing that they are preparing to take serious steps on transportation, President Poyraz said: ifade Our feasibility studies on the Trambus are continuing. Since the rail system will cost us 300 million liras as well as a system that will eliminate the approximately 25 km of refujı in our city, we have not accepted this. The trambus that we are working on is a system that does not require special space and a quarter of the rail system. Buses are moving on wheels and electrically. In addition to the poles that need to be erected in the installation of the electrical system, the trees in our refusals are also available. Our studies and investigations on this subject continue. Approximately 45-50 will cost a million pounds, N he said.

When questions about the mass transportation of the press caused distress to the public, President Poyraz said: “I was in office for 11 for years and I didn't even give 3 permission.

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