Inflating to death on IZBAN line

Inflating to death on IZBAN line
IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD's joint project, which greatly relieves urban transportation, İZBAN solved every problem in front of it, even received a reward, but could not prevent citizens to cross the road to try to cross the road to try to cross the road.

Iron railings are constantly being cut in many parts of the 80-kilometer line, due to the low number of underpasses and overpasses, the incompleteness of their construction, and the fact that the citizens are in a different place from the places they are used to passing. Men and women, old and young, cross the railroad without paying attention to the passing trains. Moreover, by cutting over and over again after being repaired ...

We repair every day

The walls of the railway separating the railway are constantly damaged by TCDD, especially in İZBAN is suffering. TCDD 300, indicating that the train runs on the 3 every day. Regional Director Selim Kocbay, iron at some points in the city is repaired every day, but a few hours after the cut again, he said. 4 where the line is closed, the bottom and overpasses could not be completed during the year, the problem is expressed in this way Koçbay said: We're tired of dealing with it, but citizens did not give up on the road to break the iron. There is no place left to prevent writing. Our criminal complaint, we have already forgotten the number of cases we opened, but we can not cope. The cases opened do not result because the interlocutor could not be found. The citizen insists that he used his place. There are even places where we put the guard. The citizen cuts the railroad and enters the railway. Many of our friends therefore received punishment in the cases filed. Lower and overpasses do not respond to the needs of the people. If we build walls instead of iron, people will find a way to get past it. For this reason, the only solution is to make the lower and overpasses of the places that the citizens have been accustomed to. Bu

They're opening a jack.

Karabağlar ranks first among the places where iron is cut most. The regions where the level crossings before the 2009 are crossed, and the bars next to the schools are constantly cut off. The front of Şemikler Station and the front of Atatürk Masque in Yeşilyurt are two points that are repaired but cut every day. TCDD teams repaired by the iron after the citizens are broken with welding machines or sledgehammer. The most recent method is to expand the car jack to pass a person


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